Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • Great sentiment even though it strays from her memoirs

    Yes! I love this show as many of the other reviewers have said. But anyone wanting to know some interesting facts check this out: ***WARNING SPOILER FOR LAURA INGALLS WILDER BOOK SERIES*** 1st off there are no direct descendents of Charles Ingalls and Caroline Quiner Ingalls. The line stopped with Rose, Laura Ingalls daughter who gave birth to one child that did not live. Carry would marry and have step children but never any children of her own and neither did Grace. As for Mary, well there was no Adam and no husband at all. Mary wound up being a spinster who lived much of her adult life with her younger sister Carry. Mary, like the show, in real life was blind. Nellie Olsen wasn't really Nellie Olsen. She was one character made out of a few of the "bully" type girls that Laura had known growing up in the different regions. Last but not least...there was NO Albert! He is completely fictional as are Cassandra and James. Crazy isn't?? It is one thing to meander into different story lines that may not be exactly accurate but the writers of this show actually invented people. Not that they are the only ones to have done that. Well, hope you enjoyed some of these real life facts.