Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 9

School Mom

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 13, 1974 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Miss Beadle's horse is tied up to the post while she sits in her carriage as the boy with the snake chases the girls. However, when the children get beside the carriage, the horse is not tied up, gets spooked, and runs off with Miss Beadle.

    • The whole reason Miss Beadle is involved in the carriage accident and sprains her ankle is because one of the male students pulls out a snake and chases the other children around the schoolhouse with it, and the noise spooks the horses. When Laura ran past the horses, screaming at the top of her lungs, that's what finally triggers the accident. Since when has rough-and-tumble tomboy Laura been that terrified over a snake??? This wasn't a matter of Laura being a little shocked and scared--she was absolutely screaming bloody murder, and that doesn't match up with her character at all. It would have made more sense if Mary or Nellie had reacted that way, not fearless Laura.

    • Thanks to Mrs. Oleson's trademark meddling, Caroline resigns from the teaching position in Walnut Grove. Her daughter Laura does the same thing for the same reason six years later, in Season 7's Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder.

    • Goof: At the end of this episode we see Able read a letter to Caroline from the class. When he finishes the students start clapping. We see Able put the letter down and clap also.
      The next shot is a close up of Caroline.
      Then we go back to the whole class again, we see the letter is back in Able's hand and we see him put it down again and start clapping.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Hanson: (after Caroline quits teaching) Would you mind telling us why?
      Caroline: Would it be all right if I answered your question with a question?
      Mr. Hanson: You betcha. You ask anything you want.
      Caroline: Suppose you were in your mill, working on a special order, and someone walked in--
      Mr. Hanson: Oh, I don't let anyone in my mill while I am working. That is my rule.
      Caroline: Suppose that person came in anyway and, in the process, threw a rock between your millstone and destroyed everything you would trying to do.
      Mr. Hanson: I would grab that man by the back of his pants and throw him out into the street!
      Caroline: That idea did occur to me. But sadly, I am a lady, and the other person involved was also a lady.
      Doc Baker: Is that what happened? Like a rock between a millstone?
      Caroline: Everything I was trying to do was destroyed,
      in much the same way.

    • Ma: I think I just lost the student who needs me most.
      Laura: But Ma, he's just dumb Abel!
      Ma: What did you say??
      Laura: (taken aback) I said...he's just dumb Abel.
      Ma: Laura, I'm ashamed of you!
      Mary: It's just a nickname, Ma. It's what all the kids call him.
      Ma: Well, it's a cruel nickname. And the next one I hear from my child or any other is going to get her mouth washed out with soap, the strongest soap I can find!

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