Little House on the Prairie - Season 8

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • He Was Only Twelve (2)
    As James lies in a coma at the Ingalls house, Charles increases the distress of his family by denying the child's impending death. Angry that nobody--not even Doc Baker--offers any hope for James' recovery, Charles takes his son away to the mountains, where he builds a temple and prays fiercely for a miracle.moreless
  • He Was Only Twelve (1)
    Tragedy strikes when James, who is traveling with Charles, Albert and Mr. Edwards to Sleepy Eye--is shot during a brutal bank robbery. When James slips into a coma, Charles goes with Mr. Edwards and Albert to track down the criminals and bring them to justice.
  • A Faraway Cry
    Episode 20

    Caroline receives a letter from an old friend, living in a miner's camp where there's been an outbreak of influenza, who is summoning her for help.

  • A Promise To Keep
    Episode 19

    Mr. Edwards has returned to alcohol to soothe the pain of his deceased son, and his wife takes the other children and leaves him. Laura wants Mr. Edwards to be godfather to her baby, but the alcoholism threatens to ruin this as well.

  • Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (2)

    Laura's anticipation of the birth of her first child is tainted by Almanzo's increasingly bitter attitude towards his debilitating health, as well as the possibility that they might lose their home. Eliza Jane's solution to their problems complicates everything.

  • Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (1)

    The Wilders' marriage is put to a severe test when Almanzo, who is recovering from diphtheria, does not take proper care of himself and ends up having a severe stroke. The friction between husband and wife is aggravated by an unexpected visit from Eliza Jane.

  • Second Chance
    Episode 16

    Sam Terhune arrives in Walnut Grove looking for work, and finds favor with all of the townsfolk - except for his ex-wife, Hester Sue.

  • Uncle Jed
    Episode 15

    James and Cassandra's uncle, who wanted nothing to do with the children following their parents' deaths, arrives unexpectedly in Walnut Grove and takes an interest in them. But it turns out he's interested in custody of them as well.

  • The Legacy
    Episode 14

    After an acquaintance dies suddenly, Charles is prompted to give up farming in favor of building a legacy on his hand-crafted furniture.

  • Stone Soup
    Episode 13

    Charles and Almanzo jump at an opportunity to make money taking a delivery to Arizona, although it means being away from home for an extended time. Meanwhile, a pregnant Laura struggles to keep her newly planted orchard alive during a severe drought.

  • No Beast So Fierce
    Episode 12

    A young boy with a stuttering problem is befriended by James.

  • 12/21/81

    Mary, Adam, Hester Sue, and the Wilders all make a special visit to Charles and Caroline's for Christmas Eve. An unrelenting blizzard prevents everyone from heading home after dinner, but they all pass time by recalling Christmases of personal significance in their lives.

  • Wave of the Future
    Episode 10

    Harriet is pressed to transform the Walnut Grove restaurant into a chain called "Mrs. Sullivan's." Meanwhile, Charles is left to gather the slack at home with Caroline so in-demand as one of the cooks.

  • 11/30/81
    A new student named Elmer joins the class in Walnut Grove, and while he is a sweet kid who gets along well with the other children, the students can't help but snicker over his obesity. Essentially clueless about the person she really is, Elmer can't take his eyes off the beautiful Nancy, who agrees to be his girlfriend as a malicious effort to satisfy her own ulterior motives. While he is originally good-natured about the fat jokes, Elmer finally makes a drastic choice of his own after enduring too much verbal torment from Nancy.moreless
  • Chicago
    Episode 8
    Charles travels to Chicago to comfort a deeply grieving Mr. Edwards, whose son John Jr. had died in a tragic accident. But that grief soon gives way to rage when it becomes apparent John Jr.'s death was no accident. Charles and Mr. Edwards enlist the aid of the editor of the newspaper where John Jr. worked to uncover the truth.moreless
  • The Legend of Black Jake
    While traveling in his wagon one afternoon, Nels Oleson is captured by two rather dimwitted crooks, who are itching for gold that Nels doesn't have with him. Believing that Nels is their one shot at making it big, the men send two ransom letters back to Harriet, who blatantly refuses to take the bait (even when threatened with her husband's life). Now that their options are running out, an angry Nels decides to help the guys get their money, but that means putting on a mask and assisting to kidnap his own wife, along with several other people from Walnut Grove. The race is on to get these crooks what they want before they hurt anyone, all while Charles and Almanzo hatch a plan of their own to stop the madness.moreless
  • Gambini The Great
    Episode 6
    In the wake of a frightening near-death experience, ruthless daredevil "Gambini the Great" agrees with his wife's advice to retire, but when his oldest son refuses to carry on the family business, Gambini disowns him, then chooses to maintain the position until his younger son is old enough to take over. The next stop for Gambini's act is Walnut Grove, and as they practice in town, Willie and Albert are both influenced by the shocking stunts that they witness. Albert's thoughtless disregard for his own safety prompts Charles to take action, but nothing can stop Gambini from making his own decisions for his family, and as the night of the big show draws near, everyone is about to learn a painful lesson.moreless
  • A Wiser Heart
    Episode 5
    When Eliza Jane invites Laura to Arizona for a summer literature course that features Ralph Waldo Emerson, Laura is thrilled to accept. Once there, she finds a part-time job to help cover her expenses, and things are going fine until an unusual love triangle forms between Eliza Jane, Laura, and a professor from the seminar.moreless
  • Dark Sage
    Episode 4

    When Doc Baker's workload becomes too much for one person, he requests a new graduate to help him. He gets more than he expected when the new arrival turns out to be black.

  • Growin' Pains
    Growin' Pains
    Episode 3

    The Ingalls' growing household is a little crowded for James, who feels hurt by Albert's rejection.

  • The Reincarnation of Nellie (2)

    Nels and Harriet's newly adopted daughter Nancy seems to be the reincarnation of Nellie - except for one thing: Nancy is worse than Nellie.

  • The Reincarnation of Nellie (1)

    Percival takes over the family business when his father dies, which means that he and Nellie will remain in New York permanently. Distraught by the news, Harriet falls into a depression.