Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 17

Sylvia (1)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 09, 1981 on NBC

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  • Probably one of my favorite episodes of the show ever.

    Each time this episode and it's conclusion airs, I find myself watching it and crying my eyes out. I am so moved by the storyline and it gets me everytime. I think this show was probably the first time I ever knew anything about rape and my mother had to help me understand it more.

    Olivia Barash was absolutely wonderful in her portrayal of Sylvia and clearly deserved her nomination for the Young Artist Award for this performance. She made me actually believe that something like that had happened to her, which you don't get very much with many rape performances. Each scene with her was joy and yet sometimes depressing (as in making me sad) to watch.

    This also was probably the first time I ever enjoyed a performance by Albert (Matthew Laborteaux) event though he had been on the show for a while at this point. However, in the beginning he wasn't being too nice to Sylvia but that soon changed. When he found out what happened to her, Albert became a man, in my opinion. It was clear to see just how much he cared for her and didn't care what anyone said. He even went along with it when people though he had gotten her pregnant. Some people weren't too thrilled with the storyline and say it was all done for ratings, but this was clearly one of the best shows of the entire series. That's very telling since the shows in the later part of the series, weren't as good as the first ones.
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