Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 8

The Aftermath

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 07, 1977 on NBC

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  • A little bit of history, combined with a lot of fiction actually makes for an interesting episode as Jesse and Frank James hide out in Walnut Grove following a robbery in a nearby town.

    Miss Beadle wants the class to do an assignment on the causes of the American Civil War. This raises some contentious issues among the citizenry as the war has not been over all that long and feelings are still running very high.

    Meanwhile, Jesse and Frank James, wanted for a plethora of crimes, arrive in town and hide out after a big robbery. They rent a large house and Mary Ingalls ends up running errands for them as they have artful excuses as to why they can't do these things for themselves.

    Some rather disorganised bounty hunters arrive in search of the men and the people of the town are soon aware of who their 'guests' are, but decide not to hand them over to the authorities.

    Meanwhile, Bobby Ford, a student at the school is proving very difficult with regard to the Civil War assignment. Bobby has all kinds of issues with a large number of things, including the rights and wrongs of the war.

    Six years after the setting of this episode Robert (Bobby) Ford, would shoot Jesse James dead.

    An interesting episode, even if accuracy was stretched to the limit! I guess that is what television is all about. Some terrific acting by the guest stars and several of the principals as well. Definitely worth watching on a number of levels.