Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 8

The Aftermath

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 07, 1977 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • There is a little goof that Melissa Anderson makes in this episode when she's referring to the men that she's working for. The men are Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Dankworth, but she calls them Mr. Dankworth and Mr. Dobbs!

    • Charles says that the Civil War has only been over for 11 years when he expresses his concern to Mary over Miss Beadle's intent to teach on it. That would make this episode take place in 1876 (since the war ended in 1865). Laura Ingalls was born in 1867, two years after the end of the war. If this episode takes place in 1876, she should only be nine years old, which she is not--she is about 11 right now. Another problem is over a year ago, Walnut Grove was celebrating our country's centennial.

    • The house that Frank and Jesse are renting is Mr. Pike's from Haunted House (ep #29)

  • Quotes

    • Doc Baker: I'm told you have a sick man here. Dankworth: Yes, sir, my partner has swamp fever. Uh, it's an old, familiar problem; ain't no trouble at all. Doc Baker: It's no trouble? Mr. Ingalls mentioned some accompanying convulsions, and that just doesn't sound right. I think he should be examined. Dankworth: Well, I don't plan to argue medicine with a doctor; the fact is, I've wanted him to be examined all along, and I still do. Doc Baker: Well, then. Dankworth: Well, see, that brings up a little controversy. You see, Mr. Hobbs has an unreasonable distrust for doctors, and, uh, I can't seem to talk him out of it. Why, the only way he'd let a medical man within two feet of him is for me to bound him hands and feet and then sit on him!

    • Mary: (ending narration) The James brothers made good their escape and none of us ever saw them again; except Bobby Ford, who would see Jesse on another day, his last day, six years later.

  • Notes

    • Melissa Sue Anderson, who played Mary Ingalls, has said in previous interviews that she really enjoyed these self-described "rugged western" types of episodes, as opposed to the lighter, fluffier stories that were used for many episodes. She says she liked both types, but episodes like this were especially fun for her.

    • John Bennett Perry is the father of renowned Friends actor Matthew Perry. He was well known in the late 1970's and early 1980's as the handsome face of Old Spice men's after shave.

    • Veteran character actor Michael Conrad, as lawman Broder, is perhaps best known for playing Sgt. Phil Esterhaus in the long-running cop drama "Hill Street Blues". As roll sergeant, he ended each morning's officer meeting with the phrase that became a 80's pop-culture sensation: "Let's be careful out there."

  • Allusions

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      The episode, though fictional, is based on the real James brothers. But, the actors cast were patterned after the actors who played Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid in the 1969 movie.