Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 10

The Bully Boys

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 06, 1976 on NBC

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  • the galenders come to walnut grove

    i wish that "that woman"" wasn't so chummy to the galenders,and nellie was so romantic to bubba. they lied to everyone even the . bullying everyone,taking mercandice,lumber,ect without paying for it.
  • The Galendar brothers are not exactly the type of people we are used to seeing in Walnut Grove.

    When the three Galendar brothers arrive in town, Mr.Hansen, Charles, Nels and others go out of their way to make them welcome, extending credit for goods and assisting in a variety of ways. The three repay the generosity of the townsfolk by bulling the children, lying and trying to take liberties with Caroline.

    Reverend Alden counsels a 'turn the other cheek' approach which drove me absolutely insane and sent out the wrong message to viewers, particularly young ones and I wasn't at all impressed by that as it seemed that he was condoning their appalling behaviour.

    When he finally saw sense, quite a bit of damage had been done and it was a case of too little, too late, so I wasn't impressed with the way this one was handled at all. Also, I remember how difficult Charles found it to settle his family in the town; they were not extended any credit or shown any special favours so this irked me a little as well.

    Nor my favourite episode as I didn't like the lack of moral message being sent.
  • Three devious brothers arrive in town and are accepted by everyone but soon the truth becomes crystal clear. As all the townsfolk are bullied into submission the reverend who has been preaching to turn the other cheek sees the light and the wrongdoers are

    On the Biography Channel, Michael Landon stated that he wasn't into making religious themed shows, but more shows about doing the right thing. As I watched this episode tonight that thought caught me up in a storm. At the start the townsfolk are opening themselves up to the newcomers. Even as the show progresses and the evilness of the brothers comes to light the town goes into the try-to-understand-their-situation mode. After everyone's other cheek is bruised and the Reverend gets an earfull from Charles it becomes apparent that a true threat is in their midst and the congregation comes together to defeat their adversary. The town has done or tried to do the right thing throughout the whole show. To me it was a well written, entertaining, and had a moral thread throughout. Some may call it fluff or whatever, but shows like this are refreshing and give my soul a shot of life.
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