Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 21

The Election

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 21, 1977 on NBC

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  • Elmer is a slow-witted schoolboy, nominated by bullies on a lark to be class president. Can he actually win?

    This episode features schoolchildren who are not a normal part of the LHOTP cast. Elmer Dobkins is a slow, Forrest Gump-like schoolboy who is picked on by a pair of particularly mean older classmates on a regular basis. When Miss Beadle announces that the school will be holding elections for "class president ", they nominate Elmer as a joke. He ends up running against Mary Ingalls, who plays fair, and Nellie Oleson, who attempts to buy votes with candy and parties. On election day, Elmer is pushed into a pig pen by the bullies, and, while filthy, still musters up the courage to step up in front of the class and give a moving speech about treating others with kindness and the difference between right and wrong. A tearful Mary raises her hand, withdraws from the race, and throws her support behind Elmer. The vote is taken, and the vote ends up in a tie--until Miss Beadle realizes that Wille was in the outhouse when the vote was taken. Upon his return, he votes--for Elmer. Nellie screams at him, to which he replies, "that's why I voted for Elmer; now that he's president, he won't let you be mean to me anymore ". As Nellie runs shrieking from the schoolhouse, Elmer's classmates, newly chastised and appropriately humbled, surround him and offer heartfelt smiles and congratulations. One of several excellent LHOTP episodes dealing with the subject of bullying.
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