Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 9

The Empire Builders

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 22, 1982 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Near the end of the episode, when Almanzo, Mr. Edwards, John, and some other men go over to the Carter place to corner the people who beat up John, notice that John has a white bandage around his head. In the very last scene, though, which clearly takes place on the same day, the bandage is gone.

    • Goof/Nitpick: In the beginning, at the railway station loading area, notice how Mr. Edwards and Almanzo park their wagon right across two tracks and go and talk to the station guard. The next moment, they are seeing the second train come in, and where did the cart go? It's a goof if they didn't move it, and a nitpick if implied that they did it earlier (doubtful) or someone else moved THEIR wagon (doubtful also).

    • When Sarah goes outside to look for John, after he was beaten up by a couple Wilkenson's gang, the wind is blowing. Wouldn't Sarah's hair be blowing all over the place if the wind was was very strong? Her hair is resting on her shoulders.

  • Quotes

    • John: (sees Wilkins coming, speaks to Sarah) Get the gun.
      Sarah: (after getting the gun) You children stay inside! (closes door, hands gun to John, who points it at Wilkins) This is private property. You're trespassing.
      Wilkins: Yeah, you and Almanzo Wilder have been testing my patience. I want that bill of sale, and I want it right now.
      John: (to Sarah) Go get it. Go ahead. (Sarah goes to get it)
      Wilkins: Ah, I knew you would come to your senses.
      John: You want it? (takes paper from Sarah, rips it in half, and hands it to Wilkins) You got it.
      Wilkins: You're making a big mistake. (rides away)

    • Sarah: That looks nice.
      John: Thanks.
      Sarah: You almost finished? I've got a pot of coffee on.
      John: Any gingerbread left?
      Sarah: Mm-hmm.
      John: Then I'm done!

    • John: What are you gonna do?
      Almanzo: Laura and me, we're going into Sleepy Eye to see a lawyer tomorrow. We'd like you and Sarah to come with us.
      John: No, I'm sure you'll find out what we all need to know.
      Almanzo: What if we find out that the law's on their side?
      John: Then it's a law to be ashamed of. Property is property. What we own is what we work and sweat for. What we own is part of us. If our government doesn't respect that, then I don't know where our country's headed.

    • Almanzo: It might be a good idea if you and the baby spent some time in town for a while.
      Laura: Why?
      Almanzo: Well sweetheart, I don't know how rough the railroad's gonna get.
      Laura: I'm not leaving.
      Almanzo: Beth--
      Laura: This is our land, and we fight for it together. (Almanzo begins to smile) I'm a lot tougher than you think, Mr. Wilder.
      Almanzo: I know you are, Mrs. Wilder.
      Laura: Then we stay together?
      Almanzo: We stay together.

    • John: Wilkins!
      Wilkins: What do you want, Carter?
      John: I just didn't want you to leave without me getting a chance to say goodbye. (punches him) Your turn, Wilkins. Come on.
      Wilkins: I wouldn't bother dirtying my hands, farmer.
      John: That's right. I'm a farmer. All of us here are just small potatoes to people like you. But we beat you, didn't we? We beat you and the railroad--all your empire builders. Folks like us are always gonna beat you, because we love this country and this land. We're not gonna let anybody destroy it. Goodbye, Mr. Wilkins.

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