Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 10

The Fighter

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 21, 1977 on NBC

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  • A fighter comes to walnut grove willing to fight any one for three minutes if they do they win $50 and Laura and Andrew and Nelly try to talk there pa's in to fighting not knowing the fighter is seriously ill due to years in the fight game.

    The story starts of in Carson city in 1865 in a hotel room ,we see a man laying on a bed waiting , he gets up goes to the next room where we meet his wife and son before a breath exchange of words he leaves to go to fight .Joe kagan is a down on his luck fighter who has dreams of making it big but he is not quite good enough , and only to soon he is back at home with his pride in shatters and his head and body in wounds of his nights work. His wife tells him if he does not stop fighting she will leave with his son in the morning, he chooses to carry on, and so she leaves. 14 years later we see mr Olson putting up a poster telling every one Joe kagon will fight any one, and if they can last three minutes they will win $50 Laura and Andrew see the poster and try to talk there pa's in to fighting for the cash. And so this is how it begins what follows is a wonderful show filled with great moments of hummer from the Olson's , triumph ,and near tragedy and new directions for are fighter and an unexpected turn due to another poster put up in another town. I did not see this one first time round I saw it on the DVD box set that was realised a few years ago and did not realise it was a longer episode till about ten minutes from the end when I checked how long was left to see. It kept me glued to the screen throughout, and what a dream part Moses Gunn had as the fighter of the title I doubt he had many better in his entire carer than that roll. As with many of the little house on the prairie storeys they are always a good time filler and every now and again they are just that bit better, the rating on this is fair at 6.1, but for me it's much better than that, the story and the acting is as fresh today as it was when it was first made I've given it a 9 plus in my rating and that is properly to low as well