Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 14

The Godsister

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 18, 1978 on NBC

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  • For some reason, someone thought it might be entertaining to examine the psychedelia that ensues when Carrie gets a little lonely.

    My original plan was not to be too critical of the Greenbush twins in this review. I mean, really, they didn't come up with the ridiculous concept, or write the silly script or design the laughable fantasy sets, right? But see, my memory of this episode was a little fuzzy on the details and rewatching it today, I was reminded just how Godawful "The Godsister" is. So I'm scrapping the original plan and telling like it is. First of all, the episode starts off normally and all seems right with our LH world. Jonathan and Charles have an opportunity of go off somewhere and make money. The scene where Charles tells Caroline that he'll be going is actually quite good. In a move that is just slightly bold for her, Caroline tells Charles off a little bit when he suggests that his going away is as hard for him as it is on her. They share a cute and sweet scene at the creek where he apologizes and she gives him permission to go. It's another example of how well ML and KG worked together; great chemistry providing us with simple, lovely moments. But it pretty much goes south from here.
    While everyone gets to work to make up for Pa being gone, Carrie gets lonely. And I guess the only way LSG could convey lonely was by sounding whiney and pathetic. When she's getting ready to go berry picking, but is sad that she has nobody to go with her, her 'sad' lines would have been cute if she didn't sound like she was dying of some terminal illness. Beyond the whining, her delivery is so flat. The lines she says to herself just before Alyssa 'arrives' are almost lost because she's using no inflection whatsoever. In fact, throughout the episode the tempo and inflection of the lines of both LSG characters is so OFF it's maddening. Run-on sentences and lack of emotion or facial expression left me sitting there scratching my head.
    And then there's bad acting and bad directing working together such as in the spider scene. Giant spider appears, Carrie runs away screaming the same two lines over and over again, and then she wakes suddenly without even appearing distressed or disoriented. Terrible on all counts.
    I'm beginning to think that this episode is the sole reason that Carrie didn't get much screen time for the rest of the series. Sort of a litmus test for her abilities, if you will. "See, we tried it, she sucked, end of story".
    LSG used this horrid creepy grin at several points throughout the episode that freaked me out a little and I felt my ears would bleed and my head would split open if I had to listen to her scream "Alyssa!" one more time. Not to mention that the storyline itself just gets weirder and weirder. They go to HEAVEN?? Whose idea was THIS? I really had a hard time with that. I mean, I know it's a dream, but seriously? Heaven?
    The whole thing was absurd.
    The best thing about the episode is the B story with Charles and Jonathan working on the telephone lines.
    I liked the friction between Jonathan and the foreman and the way it was resolved in the end. That was classic LH material, as was the scene where the men pull the wrecked wagon. Did 2 different people write this episode? Makes you wonder.....
    I'm sorry folks. This one is just dreadful, and I will never watch it again. If you have never seen it before,I strongly recommend passing it by on your way through Season 5.