Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 7

The Halloween Dream

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 1979 on NBC

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  • Nellie is having a Halloween party but Caroline won't let Laura and Albert attend without taking a nap first ... which is where the problems begin.

    I would really like to be able to give this episode a higher score but I find that I simply can't. When Nellie throws a Halloween party, Laura and Albert are very excited about going but Caroline makes sure they take an afternoon nap before having such a late night.

    Whilst napping, Albert dreams that he and his sister are captured by a tribe of extremely fearsome Indians and, naturally, it is up to Albert to save the day. The last time an Ingalls child let their imagination run away with them, we had little Carrie dreaming up a friend, now we have Albert taking on the Indians. The premise might be very sweet and look good on paper but it didn't transfer well to the screen at all, which was unfortunate.
  • Just look through the eyes of the dreaming boy..

    The thirst time I watched it, it didn`t carry me away. It was funny, but just a little. But knowing there had to be something more in it, I watched it a few days later again. This time I tried to see the dream through the eyes of the boy who was dreaming it. And I saw a boy who loved story`s of adventure and wishes himself to be a hero, loved by a father who is filled with proud of the courage of his boy.. Although this kid was brave enough taking care of himself all alone in the city, deep down in his heart he was just a boy that was to scared to face the real big problems of live. A short while it looked like this boy did a hell of a job saving himself and his sister by driving the wagon like no one else could. He wanted the admiring of his father and sister so much. But he fainted. He was just a kid and so scared. At the same time his sister was the real hero.
    It wasn`t a nice dream. It showed us how insecure this brave looking child really was.
  • brilliant

    this was also one of my favourite episodes, particularly near the end when albert is strapped upright whilst on the wagon trying to escape from the indians, i cant understand why it has such a low score, there are quite a few poor episodes in the little house series but this is definitly not one of them, the whole episode is set around laua and albert trying to escape from a tribe of indians, but in the end it all turns out to be alberts dream, i first watched this episode when i was a kid, happy memories, hope you watch it and give it a chance, carl from stockton on tees
  • This is actually one of my favorite episodes. I don't know why it has such a low rating. I would hardly call the episode boring. I think it's imaginative and fun to watch.

    This is actually one of my favorite episodes. I don't know why it has such a low rating. I would hardly call the episode boring. I think it's imaginative and fun to watch. No, it's not as good as the earlier Halloween episode where Laura thinks Nels chopped off Harriet's head with a sword - that's my favorite television Halloween show of all time. It is far fetched but hey -- it's a dream! It supposed to be. It's just a fun episode that's meant to be corny, unbelievable and "out there". Seeing Laura blowing up gun powder kegs and having a blast while doing so is priceless. I think all the actors had fun filming this one. Lighten up everybody ;-)
  • Albert has a dream that he saves the day against indians.

    Do not get me wrong, I am a big fan of Little House on the Prairie, but this is the WORST episode. I do not know what Landon was thinking! The plot is boring, and the show does not flow. The story is boring and too far fetched. One of my friends hates little house, and i wanted to show her how good it was. I finally forced her to sit down and watch the show with us after we went out for halloween. She hated it and will not watch Little House on the Prairie! Way to go! Do not watch this episode.
  • I was an extra in the filming of this episode

    I had the best time working with micheal landon and crew. I was 9 years old, almost ten,and the set needed extra indian children to run around and play in the background. My parents signed us up, my brother and sister and me. Its a foggy memory at best but what I do remember is the funny things that happened on set. Micheal stunned all of us kids by putting a lizard in his mouth and pretending to chew it up. Melisa gilbert gave me horse rides around the set, when we were not working. My acting was to chase other indian girls around the tee pee's. This would be done as a background piece. I end up tripping on tent strings as I rounded one tent, knocking the whole thing down...CUT! I also played in a scene where I played with clay horses on a snoozing older indian, grand pa, on his bloated belly. I tromped the horses to hard and broke the front legs off...CUT! later I was told that they were actual museum pieces. I heard That scene was also used in another movie but I can't remember the name...a man called horse, I think. My under wear was sprayed grey so they wouldn't be easily seen under my tunic. It was hot out there, matthew, albert, hung on that cross all day! I would walk up to him many times and he would say Help me, I'm hot, cant move. Then he would stand up and walk around with the cross on his back..ha ha. Good times with everyone, been a long time.
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