Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 7

The Halloween Dream

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 1979 on NBC

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  • Just look through the eyes of the dreaming boy..

    The thirst time I watched it, it didn`t carry me away. It was funny, but just a little. But knowing there had to be something more in it, I watched it a few days later again. This time I tried to see the dream through the eyes of the boy who was dreaming it. And I saw a boy who loved story`s of adventure and wishes himself to be a hero, loved by a father who is filled with proud of the courage of his boy.. Although this kid was brave enough taking care of himself all alone in the city, deep down in his heart he was just a boy that was to scared to face the real big problems of live. A short while it looked like this boy did a hell of a job saving himself and his sister by driving the wagon like no one else could. He wanted the admiring of his father and sister so much. But he fainted. He was just a kid and so scared. At the same time his sister was the real hero.
    It wasn`t a nice dream. It showed us how insecure this brave looking child really was.