Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 9

The High Cost Of Being Right

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 14, 1977 on NBC

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  • Bad times for the Garvey family when their barn burns down.

    Jonathan Garvey is a happy man. He has a big crop that is going to set himself and his family up well for the winter. He is, therefore, devastated when his barns burns down and not even a small part of his harvest survives.

    The family are not sure how they are going to cope financially as just about everything was dependent on the crop. Alice feels she has the answer when she offers to take a job to bring in some extra income but Jonathan will not hear of it.

    I always cringe inwardly a little when the plot is Garvey-family centric. I think Jonathan, superbly played by Merlin Oleson, is excellent and I have no trouble with young Andy, but Alice sets my teeth on edge every time I see her. I'm not really sure why this is but I know that one thing I find annoying is her appalling grammar, given that she is supposed to be a qualified teacher. Surely the writers could do better than that? Jonathan is the one who had no formal education, but Alice is the one who sounds like a yokel when she speaks. She also doesn't convey warmth or friendliness to me and that aggravates me as well. Perhaps I am just picky, but I find myself scoring episodes much lower when she is given a big part in them.
  • When the Garvey's crop is destroyed in a fire, it's the start of a down wood trend that none of them could have foretold, with the out come none of them could have foreseen, for them and the people around them.

    Jonathan Garvey has a bumper crop and has grand planes what the money he makes from it can do for his family, as they chat over there evening meal. But disaster strikes in the form of sparks from the fire blowing in the wind which course a major fire that burns down the barn and almost Jonathan himself, the following day they survey the damage the entire crop has gone. He try's to get work at the mill but there is no work to be had, Charles ingalls feels bad as before Jonathan tells him of his bad news he brags about all the things he is going to do with the money he gets from selling his crop, Jonathan now at his lowest epp sells his team of horse's and buys food and provisions for his family. when he arrives home Caroline inglles is there with aura they also have herd of the garveys plight and have brought supplies as well in a good will gesture, at first Alice Jonathan's wife is pleased, but when she hears he's sold his team which for a farmer is there lively hood she is very angry and words are exchanged, Jonathan decides to leave. the following day Alice try's to make things up and tells him there is a job going in the post office she could take to help them out, at this Jonathan gets angry telling her she cant tack it and he forbids it, the out come of this fight seems to be the last straw and they then plan to divorce. The hole family including there son Andrew is devastated, Jonathans reason for it as he can no longer provide for his family. And will not reconcile if Alice will not give up her job in the post office which she refuses to do. Well loads left but ill leave that for you to find out about. Little house on the prairie was never shy about tackling controversial subjects I no divorce now a days is common and seems sadly more odd to still see both parents still together but back then when this was first shown it was a brave story line to take when you consider this is a family program at a time when all the family would be watching. But like all there storeys is rewarding never the less and lessons are learned and just some times end the way you would like them to.