Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 11

The Hunters

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 20, 1976 on NBC

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  • Will Charles survive an accidental shooting on a hunting trip? Let's hope so!

    Caroline is not at all keen on the idea of young Laura accompanying Charles on a hunting trip for a variety of reasons, but Laura is very determined that she will go with him and eventually succeeds in talking her parents into letting her tag along after making all the necessary promises of being careful, etc.

    Laura is thrilled and excited. She is very close to her father and delights in the fact that she will be able to spend some time alone with him doing something that he loves. Things don't go very smoothly though when Charles is shot after Laura accidently bumps his loaded shot gun.

    Not a very interesting or inspiring episode and one that I would have happily missed in spite of the usual excellent acting from both Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.
  • I think this was well written

    I loved this episode and wish it were aired more. This get looked over on all channels. This shows a very special bond between Pa and Laura and how she is able to get the old man to leave the cabin. I feel this is very heart felt and show never be overlooked. A great performance by the entire cast. Just as be my friend is overlooked and never aired. This is one of the best shows ever made and I feel all of them should be aired on prime time again, maybe all the crap TV would disappear. Thank You
  • As per main review but for extra info the blind man's son decides to journey further than usual thus leaving his father alone for longer.

    This episode has to contain the most boring drawn out story of all. The idiotic blind man stumbles from one wrong location to another all the while claiming expertise in his area, meanwhile Charles is bleeding halfway to death totally dependent on this myopic imbecile for help. He is a combination of Mr Magoo & Mr Bean and looks like Stinky Pete from Toy Story. On and on this misguided fool continues to the point of exasperation for the viewer - how Charles manages to survive is a miracle. Maybe the writers went on strike and Carrie wrote the story for them!