Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 12

The King Is Dead

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 1979 on NBC

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  • Jonathan Garvey is one of my very favourite characters so a Jonathan-centric episode was just what the doctor ordered.

    An unscrupulous promoter convinces Jonathan that he is a fine wrestler in order to get him into the ring and, of course, lose, so that the promoter can make plenty of money while the townsfolk of Walnut Grove lose theirs on what will be a rigged match.

    Naturally, the town is behind Jonathan and many place bets on him to win in the hope of increasing their stake, even Harriet Oleson, although I don't imagine that she was supposed to use church funds in order to do it!

    There are others who can see that Jonathan is being used and a former wrestler takes him on to prove just how bad poor Jonathan actually is, which is just as well, becuse he would most certainly have lost and a lot of money from the town would have gone down the drain with him.

    A lovely episode with some very likeable characters.
  • Knock-out Episode!

    This is one of my favorite episodes because of the stoyline, action, and humor with Harriet and Nels Oleson.
    Plus, how can you help but love Milo? Besides the fact that he's the veteran and the underdog, you just can't help but route for him because of how loving towards and focused on his wife he is until the end, when he is reunited with her through death. What a man! It's great to see both Jimmy Hart and brutish Hans Mueller get their come-uppance, too.

    Note: love the scene when Harriet gets so uncontrollably excited (due to the fact that she has wagered all her money on this fight) that she accidentally knocks out Nels!