Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 12

The King Is Dead

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 1979 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Harriet: (laughing loudly after betting all the church's money on the wrestling match) I feel like Joan of Arc, carrying the cross into battle!
      Nels: Well, if Jonathan loses, you're really going to feel like Joan of Arc...when Walnut Grove burns you at the stake!

    • Milo: (quietly in the ring to Hans) This time, I not wrestle like clown.

    • Milo: You did not win fight tonight.
      Jonathan: I have a hundred dollars that says otherwise.
      Milo: I let you win.

    • Anna: (in her letter to Milo) Always remember, Milo. Living is a temporary state. Loving is forever.

    • Nels: (appalled at his wife's hollering at the match) It's bad enough you're gambling with the Lord's money! You don't have to scream for blood!

    • Harriet: (to Nels, as she's counting the church's money, which she's going to gamble on the wrestling match) Will you get out of here, and let me do the Lord's work!

  • Notes

    • A bit of irony: Years later, there would be a man by the name of Jimmy Hart who became famous in the 1980s as a rulebreaking professional wrestling manager in the World Wrestling Federation. And yes, Jimmy Hart was his real name (he was a member of the 1960s rock group The Gentrys and has composed much of the soundtrack for the WWF's (now World Wrestling Entertainment) programs).

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