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Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 19

The Lake Kezia Monster

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 12, 1979 on NBC
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Episode Summary


When an eccentric old woman loses her home, Laura and Albert intervene.

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  • Comedy episode

    This one places the emphasis on comedy & involves the children at the centre of the story. Harriet Oleson is the best performance in the episode & she is given the most to do. Awful Dick Van Dyke style English accent from a one episode character, don't the Americans have accent coaches? And the frogs are deafeningly loud. I would give this a lower rating except for Harriet Oleson's performance
  • A Favorite Episode For Me

    I really love this episode. Though the main character is one that we aren't too familiar with (she did however appear in season 4's the story is just plain fun. Kezia hasn't paid her taxes so a new owner has come. That new owner is... Harriet Oleson, who wants a summer hosue for her and their children while leaveing her husband in town to tend to the store. Laura, Albert, and Andy don't agree with what has happened, so they devise a way to scare the Olesons off the proerty. At first they begin mild, with a cow horn in the distance. This doesn't scare them. Next, they go underwater and bite their feet while they are out swimming one afternoon. Even this doesn't work, so they go BIG! The kids make someoe kind of a sea monster (with Jonathan Garveys prized moosehead as the front). This works and Kezia finally has her home back!moreless
  • The best thing about this one was the antics of Harriet Oleson.

    Kezia has not been paying the taxes on her property and so, legal possession is taken and the old lady is devastated. The new owner is none other than Harriet Oleson who wants a summer residence for herself, the children and her friends.

    Everyone is very upset for Kezia but she is quietly confident that all will be well as she insists there is a monster like the one at Loch Ness residing in the lake which runs next to her home.

    This was very dull and absolutely and entirely predictable. I have yet to figure out how the children who came to Kezia's aid managed to sneal out of their houses in the middle of the night without ANY of them being missed by their families. When one considers how small their dwellings were, it defies common sense. The plot was leading nowhere from the beginning and the one saving grace I could find was Mrs. Oleson and her absolute terror. The rest, unfortunately, was yawn worthy.moreless
Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls/Wilder

Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux

Andrew 'Andy' Garvey (1977 - 1981) (as Patrick Laborteaux)

Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer

Reverend Alden

Melissa Sue Anderson

Melissa Sue Anderson

Mary Amelia Ingalls/Kendall (1974 - 1981)

Richard Bull

Richard Bull

Nels Oleson

Matthew Laborteaux

Matthew Laborteaux

Albert Quinn Ingalls (1978 -1982)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Seeing as the children are released from school for summer vacation in this episode, it would have made much more sense to air it as the season finale, but instead, it was aired on February 12, 1979, two days before Valentine's Day. Needless to say, this was a very strange time to portray the kids as being out of school for the summer. Furthermore, they are back in school before the season ends, which is even stranger.

    • The "Loch Ness Monster" is cited throughout this episode. Though a creature of some sort has reportedly been seen off and on in Loch Ness, Scotland, since 565 A.D., the term "Loch Ness Monster" wasn't coined until 1933. This nickname was not in use at all in the 1880's, and it is therefore out of place in this episode.

    • Nellie is supposed to be terrified when she, her mother, and Willie see the "monster" at the end of the episode, but it is obvious that Alison Arngrim (Nellie) is holding back profuse laughter all the way through. Arngrim has credited this as "one of the most fun and exciting episodes to film."

    • Notice the scene where Kezia goes to tell Laura, Albert, and Andy that they can stop blowing the trumpet, because Harriet and her kids are not falling for the "monster" trick. It is supposed to be nighttime, but as the kids sit on the bridge, you can clearly see that it is broad daylight. They didn't even try that hard to make it look like nighttime. Even more, the kids are all wearing their regular daytime clothes. If they had snuck out in the middle of the night to do this, Laura's hair probably wouldn't have been braided, and the three of them wouldn't have looked so neat and well-dressed.

    • In this episode, it is implied that Laura, Albert, and Andy sneak out of their houses in the middle of the night several times, without their parents ever knowing about it, which is a bit of a stretch.

    • When Laura, Albert, and Andy run back into Kezia's house after successfully scaring off the Olesons, all three of them are wearing long underwear. It is clear that they are completely bare underneath, particularly Laura, and the audience gets a very unflattering look at her lower backside when she goes to hug Kezia. Furthermore, there is a clear opening in the back of Laura's outfit, right where her bottom is, and although we don't see anything, it is very shocking and could be considered a potentially severe wardrobe malfunction!

    • At the end of the episode, all three children run into Kezia's home in their long underwear. They are soon joined by Mr. Oleson, who is covered in muck. It may be a small nitpick, but in those days, a girl Laura's age would never have been seen in her underclothes outside her home in the company of two boys (even if one was her brother).

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Nellie, Willie and Harriet have come out to view the monster in the lake, all are screaming.
      Nellie: SHOOT IT!
      Harriet: Yes! SHOOT IT, Kill it, kill it!
      Nellie: You've got the gun!

  • NOTES (2)