Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 19

The Lake Kezia Monster

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 12, 1979 on NBC

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  • Comedy episode

    This one places the emphasis on comedy & involves the children at the centre of the story. Harriet Oleson is the best performance in the episode & she is given the most to do. Awful Dick Van Dyke style English accent from a one episode character, don't the Americans have accent coaches? And the frogs are deafeningly loud. I would give this a lower rating except for Harriet Oleson's performance
  • A Favorite Episode For Me

    I really love this episode. Though the main character is one that we aren't too familiar with (she did however appear in season 4's the story is just plain fun. Kezia hasn't paid her taxes so a new owner has come. That new owner is... Harriet Oleson, who wants a summer hosue for her and their children while leaveing her husband in town to tend to the store. Laura, Albert, and Andy don't agree with what has happened, so they devise a way to scare the Olesons off the proerty. At first they begin mild, with a cow horn in the distance. This doesn't scare them. Next, they go underwater and bite their feet while they are out swimming one afternoon. Even this doesn't work, so they go BIG! The kids make someoe kind of a sea monster (with Jonathan Garveys prized moosehead as the front). This works and Kezia finally has her home back!
  • The best thing about this one was the antics of Harriet Oleson.

    Kezia has not been paying the taxes on her property and so, legal possession is taken and the old lady is devastated. The new owner is none other than Harriet Oleson who wants a summer residence for herself, the children and her friends.

    Everyone is very upset for Kezia but she is quietly confident that all will be well as she insists there is a monster like the one at Loch Ness residing in the lake which runs next to her home.

    This was very dull and absolutely and entirely predictable. I have yet to figure out how the children who came to Kezia's aid managed to sneal out of their houses in the middle of the night without ANY of them being missed by their families. When one considers how small their dwellings were, it defies common sense. The plot was leading nowhere from the beginning and the one saving grace I could find was Mrs. Oleson and her absolute terror. The rest, unfortunately, was yawn worthy.
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