Little House on the Prairie

Episode 0

The Last Farewell

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 06, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Nathan Lassiter wants the people to stay and work for him as tenants, an idea that the residents of Walnut Grove find disagreeable, more so as he uses intimidating tactics and they discover the man's attitudes. Laura will not have it, and in frustration begins smashing her house. At a town meeting, they all decide the same, and one of the residents offers a supply of explosives that he has. Laura's house is the first to be destroyed. Everyone trails detonating wire as they leave town, and take turns wiring to the battery to destroy the town's buildings. The pastor leads prayers, and then Lassiter, and a cavalry unit, and mayors of other nearby towns Lassiter is trying to acquire, arrive. Lassiter is furious, wanting everyone arrested by the cavalry. One of the townsfolk reminds Lassiter he can acquire the land, but the buildings belong to the people. The cavalry leader agrees. One of the other mayors warns Lassiter, "if you try this in my town, you'll find the same thing." The other mayors say the same. "Did you hear that?" asks the Walnut Grove pastor. "Walnut Grove did not die in vain!" Cheers, then they roll out in their wagons, singing "Onward Christian Soldiers." In a cute subplot, Jason Carter is sick and tired of being bullied by his older brother Jeb. He is frustrated that he is too little to do anything, and although his father offers to help, Jason decides it's better to handle it on his own. He feels better after having a heart-to-heart with Charles about how older siblings sometimes bully younger siblings because they are threatened by the attention that the little ones get from their parents. That makes sense to Jason, but in the end, he still feels threatened by Jeb's bullying, and so he asks his Pa if maybe he and his Ma can make another baby, so he'll have somebody to pick on. John says he'll talk to Sarah about it, and from there, it is up in the air, but who knows--maybe John and Sarah eventually had a third child! We may never know for sure......