Little House on the Prairie

Episode 0

The Last Farewell

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 06, 1984 on NBC

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  • Unforgettable

    The ending of this the final ever episode was not planned. Michael Landon & the cast wanted a memorable high point to end the series on. They could not find one. Landon had promised the owner of the land where Walnut Grove was set that it would be returned to the same state as before is what lead to the climax. The distress in the cast is genuine, this is not Gilbert went up to Michael Landon at the end of the shoot & found him crying uncontrollably
  • so good. LAST EPISODE WHEN TOWN WAS BLOWN Charles Caroline house was the only 1 left Standing!!!!

    I WILL FOREVER WATCH EACH EPIE i can of this fantastic,tear-jerking show,such happy times and realistic people GOD-fearing people,good people, albeit poor struggling at times, with charles and caroline til'the end STAY STRONG TOGETHER'THRU IT ALL. BUT ONE THING, CAROLINE AND CHARLES LITTLE HOUSE WAS THE ONLY HOUSE LEFT STANDING,VERY ODD and i think the church,school. We see at the end cute lil rabbits at charles house,and it was literally left un-touched?I assume for years it was blown up too. I guess love this epie soooooo much!

    I love it & i m sad the town is now GONE no more. RIP he 1 of my fave beloved characters.

    -There was no way in hell i would've let mean people like the a---sholes who were trying to do what they were doing to the town,take my property ive work so hard to build/keep for years either. . . !


    This is surely the exact thing i would do if this ever had in those days happen to me. I love when the "army" and the MEAN land grabber jerk, seen the entire town blown to bits. i m lovin almost off and i am still laughin at the end how they blew it all up and left NOTHING but wood lmfao i love it,great ending,

    -Great seeing how CUTE willie grew up to be VERY good looking during last 2 seasons imo,and ALBERT.

    Albert was missing but it is ok, carrie,baby grace,all were not in it,but we know CAROLINE check with aunti

    "tess" by phone and they were ok.

    10 STARS EASY !

    INGALL's were awesome till the end, and naturally the olsen's and even the carter's,"grace foster"the post office lady was there looking sad,and the tall teacher Landon real-life daughter)


    isiah was crying real tears,i love this show so much .... 1 of the best episode's. love how the COLONEL agreed, saying,"no laws have been broken here lmfao' i love it! THANK YOU HANDSOME MICHAEL LANDON,YOUR TALENT and GENIUS keep me watching till i am old and grey. This show is better than ALL of today's "so called fake reality would watch this and i do and record on hallmark and other channels any day of the week. and watch at night or weekend. LOVE LITTLE HOUSE. a fitting ending.

  • True to title

    A fitting ending which was able incorporate the destruction of the set. Gives you a sense of completion.

    And now we definitely know the series is over.

    I believe this was well within the characters we saw through series and films.

    Instead of working for this guy in houses that were no longer there own, they did all they could to keep their freedom - perfectly within character.

  • When a land speculator acquires legal title to the land upon which Walnut Grove sits, the residents decide to dynamite their property rather than work as tenants for the eastern landowner.

    I am very torn and troubled by this episode of Little House on the Prairie. The eastern landowner obtained legal title to the land of Walnut grove and several other towns. Though the "improvements" to the land (houses and other buildings etc.) remain the property of the residents, I find it troubling, if not out of "Christian character" that the residents resort to destruction of all they have built when faced with legal loss of the land. While God once dealt with His children with "The Law," in Christ Grace fulfilled and overcame the law with Love and Salvation.

    I found this episode out of character with the series. Rather than reacting as mature adult Christians, the residents (cast) behave more like sulking, spiteful children. Just as it should have been clear to all that God brought them to build Walnut Grove, it should have been equally clear that God now needed them elsewhere.

    Who knows (God does, of course) what affect a more Christian evacuation may have had on the greedy landowner?

    I fully understand (as declared by the military commander at the end) they had a legal right to destroy what they had built. I simply find their "final solution" inconsistent, and out of Christian character with all the episodes that preceded the finale.
  • Goodbye Walnut Grove

    Michael Landon was forced to tear down all the buildings of set of Walnut Grove after the final movie so he decided that the town should go out with a bang. He spared the church because it would anger the religious community and for the fans the Ingalls Little House. The character of Lassiter makes J.R. Ewing a saint. There was absolutely no redeeming nature to him. With the towns anger and utter frustration of helplessness it was reasonable for them to destroy the town. After all it was well said that Mr. Lassiter owned the land not the buildings.
  • The citizens of Walnut Grove are forced to move out by a slick businessman who has purchased the town. Driven by rage, Laura inspires the rest of the citizens to destroy the buildings they worked so hard on so that the new owner cannot make use of them.

    This was a very exciting, but depressing episode. It is sad that the Little House series went on for 10 years only to end with the town being destroyed. You get to a point where you feel somewhat like a part of the town after you\'ve watched the series for so long. You can feel the pain and the grief that Laura and the rest of the townspeople feel as they are forced to destroy their cherished homes and businesses. It is also ironic how Charles and Caroline were brouht back for one last episode in Walnut Grove, since they were at one time a major part of the town, and sort of portrayed side by side with John and Sarah Carter, who have become highly respected after the Ingalls\' departure.
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