Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 6

The Monster Of Walnut Grove

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 01, 1976 on NBC

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  • A Halloween Favorite

    For me, watching this Little House episode every Halloween is as essential as watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as well as other Halloween episodes, like The Waltons' "The Ghost Story," "The Nightwalker," and "The

    The episode begins on a seemingly innocent Halloween night. Laura reads The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow to her younger sister Carrie before going into town to soap windows with her older sister Mary. While in town, Laura witnesses what appears to be Nels Oleson cutting his wife's head off with a sword. It turns out to just be a mannequin's head but it's easy to see why Laura's imagination would run wild. The mannequin's profile from the back is very similar to Mrs. Oleson's (dark hair in a bun), not to mention the creepy events of the story that Laura read to Carrie are still floating around in her head. Laura tries to tell other people what she saw, but no one believes her, telling her that even on Halloween, this story is a stretch.

    Mrs. Oleson just happens to leave Walnut Grove the following day to visit her mother. This only gives Laura more cause to believe she really saw Mr. Oleson commit a horrifying act. Laura tries to warn Nellie and Willie, believing that they may be in danger. At first they don't believe her, but when they see their mother's apron that their father just happened to spill sauce on (they don't know it's sauce), they begin to get worried. Nels clears it up for his kids and Nellie "promises" that she will explain the situation to Laura. Knowing Nellie, the viewers know that this means no good.

    Nellie and Willie take their mother's soiled apron and show it to Laura, only feeding her imagination. Willie also claims to have heard "digging noises in the cellar all last When Laura sneaks into the store and sees Mrs. Oleson trying to stuff the broken mannequin into a black bag, she knows he's a threat to the community. All these coincidental events lead up to the show's ending. I won't give away the ending, but I will say that this episode is a must-see for Little House fans.
  • There was a nice Halloween theme running through this one and the premise was funny. Unfortunately, for me, the script didn't quite deliver.

    Nels is showing off in front of Harriet with a sword when he accidently cuts off the head of an expensive store dummy. Seeing this through the window, Laura is convinced that Mr.Oleson has beheaded his wife! The trouble is, she can't get anybody to believe her but Nellie and Willie certainly have fun stringing her along as THEY are fully aware that their mother is temporarily out of town and go out of their way to encourage Laura's belief that their passive, gentle father has committed murder!

    Nels was funny her in several places, as was Harriet, but there was something wrong with the script for me and that's why I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked. Good work from all the youngsters, though.
  • very funny

    being a halloween episode i found that this episode was hilarious especially the scene when mr oleson chops the manicans head off and laura thought it was mrs oleson also when nellie and willie find sauce on mrs olesons apron which they mistake for blood when they finally find out what it is they decide to play a mean trick on laura and carl. At the end laura throws the manicans head down the stairs at nellie and willie...Needless to say nellie and willie are terrified...Just a funny episode... a must watch for little house fans. this goes in my top 10 episodes
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