Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 14

The Nephews

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 19, 1981 on NBC

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  • I don't get why people are so challenging.

    This is a great episode. A funny, clever and fresh episode. I can't understand why everybody seems to have such expectations for a tv show at least forty-year-old. It is excellent. I don't know what some are waiting for. Just compare "little house on the prairie" with any other 21 century film or series. You just can't, can you? It is the best series ever and I am watching this nowadays, although I am young. People of my age don't even now this show and who ever does, they make fun of me because I am watching it. It will always be at the top. And for those who claim that Laura is not the housewife everyone was expecting and that inspite of the huge love that she was claiming she had for Almanzo, she had become strict and even I don't know what else. That is so stupid. There are in every episode sweet moments between Almanzo and Laura that will melt your heart. And you can see the true love they both have for one another by small, imperceptible gestures. This episode was absolutely perfect. That's all folks.
  • Poorly-developed plot, stretches one gimmick like a cheap cotton t-shirt.

    Laura and Almanzo are tricked into caring for their nephews by Almanzo's brother Royal.

    Lots of people can complain about the continuity of this episode with Season 9, and that's all fine. But it's also lazy and not very funny.

    Season 7 leaves me struggling to find any episodes that don't have some flaws and this one is no exception. The theme here is "being permissive with children can have bad results", something done before on the series but here played as a comedy. But it's not well-done, the storyline is nothing but a succession of pranks, one after another, all set to any David Rose music that was ever used to represent whimsy on the series. Very unstructured as to plot and without even the Landon "lesson" either, as the boys learn nothing from the overwrought reactive antics of Laura and Almanzo Wilder.

    Surprisingly, I would even rate this as one of the better episodes of the season because it at least tries a different approach. For a good example of comedy on "Little House on the Prairie", I would look for the episode "Fred" as that takes an initially funny premise and develops it through many characters and situations - in contrast, this installment beats the pranks horse to death.
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