Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 14

The Nephews

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 19, 1981 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Notice the scene where the boys are throwing food at dinner, and Laura grabs them and takes them upstairs. When she first lunges at them, you can tell that Melissa Gilbert, who plays Laura, is laughing when she's supposed to be furious.

    • Goof: Royal tries to bribe the boys to be good by offering them an Indian head nickel, which is a "buffalo nickel," but those weren't issued until 1913.

  • Quotes

    • Millie: Do you remember our honeymoon?
      Royal: How could I forget? Days by the river, nights by the fire.
      Millie: That's when I became pregnant with Myron!
      Royal: (pauses) No trip is perfect....

    • Royal: Rupert, please don't choke me.
      Millie: Royal. (shakes her head at him)
      Rupert: I've got you, Dad!
      Royal: Rupert, no, don't do that!
      Millie: Royal, you know you're not supposed to say no to the boys. It stunts their creative growth.
      Royal: But--
      Millie: Royal!

    • Millie: Well, certainly, our boys are rambunctious, but they're boys, and you must admit, they're very creative. Why, they paint, they seam, they--
      Royal: Millie, painting all the windows in the living room black is not my idea of art. And if I'd sung the kind of songs they do when I was a boy, I would have had my mouth washed out with soap.
      Millie: If you felt this way about it, why didn't you ever say anything?
      Royal: Because it's hard to talk with your son choking you. I mean, if God had never wanted us to say no to our children, he would have never invented the word.
      Millie: You're raising your voice, Royal.

    • Millie: Royal?
      Royal: Yes, my love?
      Millie: I just had a horrible thought.
      Royal: What?
      Millie: Well, I suddenly thought that Almanzo might yell at the boys.
      Royal: Well, what's so horrible about that?
      Millie: Royal!
      Royal: No, I mean it. I mean, this whole business of never saying no was your idea.
      Millie: I read it in a book.
      Royal: Well, it was probably written by somebody who never had a child.

    • Almanzo: You know, I was so excited about Myron and Rupert coming to stay with us. I realize that after this, you may never want children.
      Laura: Sure I do. I think we should have a dozen--and send them all to stay with Royal and Millie for the summer!

    • Almanzo: Myron, you nearly scared your Aunt Laura and me to death! What were you thinking, boy? Huh? What were you thinking?
      Myron: It's impossible to scare somebody to death.

    • Almanzo: Boys, where did you get the feathers for these costumes?
      Myron: The....feathers?
      Almanzo: Yes, the feathers!
      Myron: a couple of your chickens.

    • Almanzo: (to Myron and Rupert) So men, what should we do first?
      Rupert: We could go kill some birds.
      Almanzo: (repulsed) Kill some birds? Rupert, birds are beautiful creatures. We love to look at them, and hear them sing. Why do you want to kill them?
      Rupert: So we can open them up and see their guts!

    • Myron: Aunt Laura, don't you like children?
      Laura: Well, of course, Myron. I love children. I just don't like you!

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