Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 24

The Odyssey

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 19, 1979 on NBC

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  • Laura and Albert decide to accompany a dying classmate to California to help him fulfill his final wish.

    Yet ANOTHER episode where a character is introduced for the first time, and then promptly is killed off. When a friend of Albert and Laura's is diagnosed with leukenia, he shares his dying wish with them: to see the Pacific Ocean. Nonchalantly, and of course without telling anyone, they hop a train to the Golden State. Charles goes after them and has no trouble finding them (what?!). Anyway, flash forward to scenes of the dying young man frolicking in slo-mo in what surely looks more like Malibu than Half Moon Bay (I'll bet they broke for lunch at Michael Landon's house immediately after filming). A "filler" episode if ever there was one. Don't bother.
  • About a boy dying of Leukemia and his dream to see the ocean

    A heartfelt episode revolving around a young boy, Dhillion who recently discovered he is dying of Leukemia.
    Dhillion decides to leave Walnut Grove to achieve his life long dream of seeing the Pacific Ocean before he dies.
    As true friends Albert and Laura leave home to run away with their friend, Dhillon.

    When the parents discover the children missing, Mr. Ingalls goes looking for them, he is one step behind them most of the journey.
    The children have a few close calls on the way, in particular with a transient and the train conductor.
    When Charles finally catches up with the children, the children explain to Charles why have run away, after an emotional chat with Dhillon Charles helps them get to the ocean.

    This is an emotional episode about true friendship and following your dreams.
  • Laura and Albert run away with a dying boy to help him fulfill his dream of seeing the ocean.

    This plot is unoriginal taken almost exactly from "The Waltons" second season opener entitled "The Journey" where John Boy helps a dying woman realize her final see the ocean. Did Little House borrow the plot from "The Waltons"? It sure seems that way to me. Same story...same premise....different characters and time. Its not bad but its unoriginal and certainly not one of Little House's best efforts.
  • A young boy named Dylan is terminally ill and his one wish is to see the ocean before he dies. Laura, Albert and Charles help make his dream come true. Pity the episode was boring basically from start to finish.

    Dylan is a highly talented young artist who lives in Walnut Grove with his widowed mother. When he begins to suffer frequent nosebleeds and fevers, Doctor Baker diagnoses leukemia and tells the boy and his mother that he has only a short time to live.

    His dream is to see the ocean before he dies. Laura and Albert are determined that he will get his wish and help him jump trains to get to San Francisco. When Charles rides out to look for his children, he ends up becoming a part of the scheme as well and helps Dylan fulfill his dream.

    As a season finale, this was extremely weak and the script was poorly written. The boy's poor mother was given little to no understanding or warmth from the people of Walnut Grove and this is supposed to be a community of good, kind God-fearing people. It certainly didn't come across that way in this episode.

    I wasn't very impressed by this one at all.
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