Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 6

The Preacher Takes A Wife

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 1979 on NBC

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  • Harriet had a past

    I liked the side-story about Harriet and her old beau, but it made me sad to think she married Nels on the rebound. He was a good husband but they made it seem the torch was never really put out. Maybe that is how memories are sometimes, not real, but real to us. To see her so emotional made you remember she was human.

    Although I was glad things worked out well in the end, it would have been nice to show the Reverend and his wife in subsequent shows. I never really saw them together again which was a shame. Since he didn't have restrictions from marrying, I wondered why he wasn't scooped up before this. : )
  • Reverend Robert Alden has performed marriage services for many people, now it's his turn to walk down the aisle.

    Reverend Alden has devoted his life to serving God and the people of his several congregations. He is a kindly man who is always there in times of need but his is, by its very nature, a lonely life and he has missed the opportunity to have a home, a wife and children of his own.

    Enter the widow Anna Craig who is also very lonely and extremely smitten with the good reverend. She makes her feelings quite plain but he is completely thrown and is unsure what to do. To make matters worse, Harriet Oleson is totally against a union between the two elderly people and tries to use all her influence to stop it taking place. It is here that we learn the astounding news that Harriet was once engaged to the preacher who happens to be Reverend Alden's superior in the church!

    I can believe a lot of things because of artistic license, but Harriet as a preacher's wife is a little more than I can cope with. It seems he broke off their engagement just before the wedding which might be one of the reasons she is so bitter and twisted today.

    When the church gives its permission, Reverend Alden and Anna Craig become man and wife in what I consider a sweet and moving episode, especially as I can't recall too many which have actually focussed on the reverend.
  • Rev. Alden has an admirer and at first he is a little overwhelmed by her ardor! When their relationship attracts negative speculation, complications ensue. Finally, we learn the reason behind the persecution.

    I just read the other review on this episode and one thing I'd like to remind others on here is that when reviewing an episode, please make sure you don't give away the surprise twist(s)! And there is a very nice little one here that was already mentioned. I was watching this episode, puzzled by Harriet's behavior (more cruel than she usually is!) and it was interesting to have everything come together in the end. Not an earth-shattering effort, but entertaining none-the-less.
  • Harriet Olsen... one-time candidate for preacher's wife?!?

    Besides the cutesie romance between the aging Alden and his wrinkled-but-fiesty lover, one of the best features of this episode is observing an old flame of Harriet's, who was/is a MINISTER no less! The question posed in my mind by this episode was: did Harriet become who she was and the hard-nosed character whom we all knew and loved to hate because of this broken engagement some 20 years ago? Would she have been a kinder, gentler soul if not for the bitterness caused by a dashed heart and upended dreams? hm-m-m-m-m...

    Also love the fact that, typical of Harriet, she incites scandal by proposing there is something indecent going on between the Reverend and his Lady. Imagine! Reverend Alden, beloved and kindly confidante, softspoken and meek minister, the spirit and wisdom of Walnut speculated to be an unrestrained reprobate and the horny hound dog of Hero Township! Harriet should be amazed to believe that these two antiques could even accomplish something like that!
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