Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 14

The Pride Of Walnut Grove

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 28, 1976 on NBC

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  • Mary's academic prowess shows through when she is chosen to compete in a large mathematics competition.

    Mary and the rest of her family are delighted when she is chosen to compete in a big, statewide mathematics competition. Unfortunately, Charles does not have enough money to send her along on the trip so the whole town of Walnut Grove rally around in order to raise the necessary funds for Mary to go and for Caroline to accompany her.

    Naturally, Mary is very nervous when the big day arrives but Caroline tells her to do her very best. It turns out that, as far as Mary is concerned, her best isn't good enough when she places second overall, but when she and her mother return home, the town is thrilled that she has put them on the map. Great episode. Good to see Mary getting a little more of the spotlight too.
  • Mary gets chosen to compete in huge math competition. When Charles can't afford to pay for her to go, The entire town pays. Mary gets second and is afraid they'll be disappointed.

    This was an excellent episode. Mary does well in the competition, even though she doesn't win. She's afraid that the entire town will be disappointed because they paid for her to go when Charles couldn't afford the trip. Laura does a good job of caring for the house while Caroline is gone with Mary. She makes one minor mistake with the cake she made for Mary, but the cake is not ruined. Mary's nerves before the competition is something most of us can understand. Charles felt bad when he realized there was no way he could afford to send Mary himself. At least, she still got to go.
  • Sorry, but as okay as this episode is, I still don't get why it's in the Top Ten! Mary the Brain gets to compete with other brains and becomes afraid of failure when her town is excited at her prospects. Laura is envious of her big sis.

    One thing I was so not feeling was the fact that Laura was hating on Mary's success and then later (don't want to spoil things) was supportive of her. It reminded me of when Mary went blind. Laura had been jealous because they liked the same guy and then when her sister cannot see, she's nice to her. Gee, thanks a bunch! This episode is interesting and all, but I would hardly put it in the upper echelon of LHOTP episodes. It's good, it keeps one's interest, but it's also overrated. I can think of epsiodes more deserving of Top Ten status.