Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 10

The Raccoon

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 20, 1974 on NBC

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  • Good but not a great episode

    Laura is playing with her doll when Mary asks her to play catch. Laura leaves the doll by a tree branch, and goes to play with her. Mary throws the ball too high, and Laura hits the tree branch trying to catch it, hence breaking the doll. Laura is devastated, and Mary feels bad. Charles and Caroline cannot afford to buy a new doll so they try fixing the old one. Mary goes to the Olsens shop to ask the price of a new doll, but she isn’t able to afford it. On her way back home, she finds a Raccoon and brings it to Laura. Laura is thrilled with her new pet and names him Jasper. Charles and Caroline are a little skeptic about her new pet because they can’t afford taking care of it. But they change their minds and tell Laura that they will give it a try. Jasper starts creating problems for the family, like running around the house and breaking furniture, making the chicken go wild, and annoying Jack. Charles tries to put him back in the forest, but Jasper runs back to them. One day Jack and Jasper start fighting again and Jasper scratches Jack and then Laura. Jack soon starts developing symptoms of rabies, and the family fear that Laura may have caught it too. Only time would tell whether she was affected or not. Will Laura be able to survive?

    Even though I don't think this was the best episode, it was fun and touching to watch. Melissa Gilbert acted wonderfully as usual, but I think I liked Melissa Sue Anderson's role as Mary better in this episode, especially during the scene where she confesses to Charles about Jasper biting Mary. I was so surprised as to how well she acted in that scene.

    I rate this episode 8/10.
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