Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 1

The Reincarnation of Nellie (1)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 05, 1981 on NBC

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  • Pretty funny. Exposes more depth to Mrs. Olsen. Melissa Gilbert and the girl who plays Cassandra still can\'t act.

    Mrs Olsen must be bi-polar. On the one hand, she is tender with Cassandra when Cassandra visits her when she is down, and the next minute, she\'s verbally attacking her in an effort to protect Nancy, who she KNOWS to be conniving.

    I did enjoy the tender moment between Nels and Harriet when she finally decided to leave her \'sick bed\' and take a bath in preparation for going to an orphanage. His resignation to his fate of having another Nellie underfoot is pretty hilarious. Nels is an undersung hero of this show. His facial expression throughout the entirity of the series are classic as he deals with such a family as he has. And yet, it\'s scenes like the bath scene where you see that he truly loves Harriet - including missing her shrewish behavior.

    Melissa Gilbert still puts out a half-rate acting job here. Her expression of shock when she first sees Nancy in her classroom is overdone. She should watch the Office for inspiration in how to use facial expressions to convey a wide variety of intense feelings. B.J. Novak, in particular has some great facial expression responses.

    And speaking of \"The Office\", I was completely startled to hear Jan Levinson Gould\'s voice coming from \"Belinda\".

    This episode mostly has it\'s value in watching Mrs. Olsen stretch out her character. She surprises us once again at the end of the two parter, as, for the second time in the two parter, she admits the truth beneath all her bluster. Mrs. Olsen was never really much of a fool.
  • Winding Down

    Although Little House On The Prairie started going downhill a few seasons ago it was this season that show was the beginning of the end. Alison Argrim aka Nellie and Melissa Sue Anderson aka Mary was let go because the characters ran their course. In an attempt to spark new life into the aging show Michael Landon and the writers created a new evil child like Nellie used to be the Olseon adopted daughter Nancy who was alot more twisted. But like Robbie Rist aka Cousin Oliver it was little to late. It became clear to Michael Landon that the series was starting to end.