Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 13

The Talking Machine

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

This is one of the first episodes where Laura and Nellie are rivals for the affections of a classmate's heart.

This time, the two polar opposites are after Jason, the new kid at school who is into inventions. Both of them have crushes on Jason, but Jason - who is into inventions and electricity - only has feelings for Laura (certainly not Nellie). Feelings that he's too shy to admit to anyone.

One day, Laura comes over to visit Jason and view all of his inventions. Meanwhile, a spurned Nellie is hurt and upset over Jason failing to return her crush for him. Naturally, her shrill crying gives way to evil, vengeful thoughts.

So, enlisting Willie's help, she decides to get even.

Feigning friendship and pretending to bury the hatchet, Nellie invites Laura over after school ... specifically to talk about Jason. All those thoughts about him and why he's so great of a guy.

Nellie swears secrecy, but of course, you can NEVER trust Nellie. Especially when Willie is using an Edison talking machine to secretly tape the supposedly confidential conversation.

Laura thinks she's finally made friends with Nellie ... until the next day at school, when Nellie and Willie demonstrate the talking machine at school, playing the secretly taped conversation about Jason for all the class to hear.

Thoroughly ridiculed, humiliated and embarassed, a tearful Laura runs from school. Miss Beadle scolds Nellie, who stifles a sinister, satisfied laugh.

Charles sees Half-Pint crying and gets the truth out of her. Charles immediately pays a visit to Nels, who is also embarassed to learn what happened. He calls Nellie down and demands the truth out of his daughter. She tries to pin everything on Laura, but Nels isn't buying it and it isn't long before (over the objections of Mrs. Olesen) she must deal with her angry father.

Laura, meanwhile, has the last laugh. Jason finally admits he shares the same feelings for Laura as she does for him. They kiss and we fade out.
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