Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 9

The Wedding

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 06, 1978 on NBC

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  • Adam proposes to Mary but she soon has doubts

    Adam asks Mary to Marry him and she says yes and Pa and Ma return to Winoka for the wedding leaving the children in charge

    Mary and Adam catch up with Charles and Caroline and talks turn to wedding and Adam and Mary having

    doubts begin to kick in when Mary realizes she Adam and her will be blind parents of a infant who might not be blind and doubts she can go through with wedding but when a sandstorm hits the city and little Susan Godspeed is missing only Mary can find her when Mary finds her Susan is scared and panicking and Mary calms her down and brings her back to safety

    Mary then realizes she and Adam will make good parents she decides she wants to marry Adam

    Mary and Adam married by Rev Alden who barely made it

    one of season five's best episode and the part wear Adam tries to proposes to Mary was so funny
  • Adam proposes to Mary and she glady accepts, but will her insecurities make her change her mind?

    It is unfortunate that as the series has progressed, we have seen less and less of Melissa Sue Anderson in her role as Mary Ingalls because I always loved her character. In this episode, however, she takes centre stage as Adam Kendall finally proposes and she joyfully accepts. Doubts begin to surface, however, when the subject of children is discussed and she realises how difficult it would be for two blind parents to raise an infant, particularly after it starts walking and would theoretically be able to get away from them and hide etc.

    Adam and the Ingalls' are stunned when she changes her mind but after she is spoken to, she sees sense and agrees to be his wife after all.

    I enjoyed this one and there were a few really nice touches thrown in tomake it even more watchable.
  • Nevously Adam asks Mary to be his wife. In the heat of the moment Mary says yes but later on has doughts.

    Nervously Adam asks Mary to marry him. In the heat of the moment Mary says yes. Later on Mary has doughts because she is afraid that if they have a child together they will be healthy and not blind. Therefor making it harder for Mary and Adam to take care of the child. Then a storm comes and Adam and Mary are forced to go out in the snow storm and find the child. When they find her Mary is convinced that if their child ever got lost then they would do their best to find them and never give up. So Mary agrees to get married again.
  • This is an emotional episode revolving around Mary’s concerns about marriage and becoming parents.

    This is an emotional episode revolving around Mary’s concerns about marriage and becoming parents.

    After a fumbled proposal, Adam finally asks Mary to marry him. The wedding will be in Winoka.

    The Ingall’s can not afford to bring the whole family. An excited Caroline and Charles travel to Winoka by train and Laura and Albert stay home to look after the children.

    Mary begins having second thoughts about the wedding when her parents starting talking about grandchildren and how hard it was to keep track of Mary when she was little. Mary begins to doubt her ability to raise a family and to take care of a child.

    She pushes Adam away, telling him she no longer wants to marry him. Adam is devastated and tries to talk to Mary but she continues to push everyone away, as she did when she first went blind.

    When Suzie (a blind child) gets caught in a dust storm, Adam and Mary go to find her. When Mary finds the girl, she realizes that she has nothing to worry about. She gains a new found confidence in her own abilities.

    Mary and Adam get married and a dusty Reverend Alden performs the ceremony.

    This is a heartfelt and emotional episode with happy ending.
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