Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 17

The Werewolf Of Walnut Grove

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on NBC

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  • There's a new boy in school, his name is Bart and he is trouble with a capital "T".

    When a new boy from a wealthy family begins school in Walnut Grove, he immediately begins causing as much trouble as possible for Miss Wilder and the other students. Miss Wilder finds him so impossible to deal with that she feels expulsion is the only answer but the school board don't want that to happen so, upset and angry, she decides to pack her bags and leave.

    Laura becomes directly involved when 'Bart the Bully' attacks Albert and she decides that as Miss Wilder can't seem to control the boy, it's going to be up to herself and Albert to deal with him.

    This results in a delightful episode, and one that should not be missed. Miss Wilder and Almanzo are always gems to watch and it's good to see some 'kid power' taking hold of a negative situation and turning it around instead of just the adults for a change.
  • This episode features the criminally underrated Lucy Lee Flippin as "Ms. Wilder." "Bart Slater" is a bullying, boorish, overgrown son of a well-to-do farmer. After school, he slugs an eighty-pound Albert Ingalls. Zeldamo Wilder steps in to save him.

    Twice-as-boorish Bart Sr. finds out. He confronts Zeldamo and his dear sis, Ms. Wilder, "it's YOUR job to make sure Bart behaves and if you can't, Ms. Wilder, I'll get someone who can!" Bart Jr. predictably stirs things up in class again. Our beloved and gentle Ms. Wilder has no choice but to scold the miscreant but to no success. Despite Pa Ingall's support, "Just what a teacher needs. A parent who believes his child can do no wrong" (THAT sounds a little too familiar by today's standards), the school board overthrows our good teacher. (By the way, who were they going to hire as a replacement for discipline enforcement? That crazy Mr. Applewood from Season Two?!) In a David vs. Goliath spirit, our hero children: Laura, Albert and Clarence (a cute brainy kid that you never see again), devise a plan to scare ogre Bart into behaving. They base their scare tactic on a novel they read, "The Book of Werewolves" by Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould. Half Pint *especially* has a stake in this plan - if Ms. Wilder leaves town then her protective brother Zeldamo will leave too. The plot turns more ludicrous, but more fun. Since the class already has a project on papier-mache crafts, Albert devises, with true Hollywood hocus-pocus, a realistic-looking papier-mache boulder! With more Hollywood magic, they create chains that break; excess hair (that they obtained and trimmed from the beard of a nearby, sleeping sot) and what looks to be a papier-mache werewolf's nose. Not a bad stunt pulled off by sheltered prairie kids. It is laugh-out-loud-funny as Albert is chained in the barn - howling, barking and growling at the full moon as Bart jumps back five feet in horror. It's even funnier as Albert, the Werewolf, breaks from his chains, "Lord help us, he's breaking his chains!", chases Bart outside and holds the large, papier-mache rock over the trembling oaf's head, "Please, dont! Don't!" Laura nearly convinces Bart to behave for Ms. Wilder until that helium-headed-little-sister-from-heck, Carrie comes out and blows Albert's cover. This results in Albert getting slugged again but you sit there wishing it were Carrie getting slugged instead. So, not unlike Season Three in "Bully Boys," all the kids of the school slug Bart into bahaving and Ms. Wilder stays.
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