Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 3

The Winoka Warriors

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 25, 1978 on NBC

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  • I'm afraid I didn't find much to enjoy about this one at all.

    The fifth season had a promising start, but I personally felt that this episode was really badly written and that was a shame.

    The uppity Winoka School, a private establishment which is attended by the 'upper classes' of Winoka (as well as Willie and Nellie Oleson, of course) are challenged by Albert and other students from the livery school to a football match. The trouble is, their star player is lured away after being given a scholarship by Mr. Standish as he wants the Winoka School to win the match due to the fact that his son is a pupil there.

    The livery school name themselves 'The Winoka Warriors' and what they lack in size and speed, they make up for in team spirit. Unfortunately though, this episode just never properly caught my attention. I was very disappointed in general.
  • Decent *****Spoilers*****

    At school, there is a very dumb student named Luke Hoskins. He is huge and dumb. Albert challenges Jeb Standish and the "Dakota Dragon" football team to a game, everyone prepares for a heated competition. Jonathan is the coach for the "Winoka Warriors," Nels and Charles help them. Nels helps the livery school and Harriet and Nellie were upset. Nellie constantly agreed with her mother and Nels yelled at her. Willie doesn't mind and says he'd like to join the livery school, Disaster hits when evil Mr. Standish arranges for the Warriors' best player to be transferred to the Winoka School. At the same time Adam struggles to make a breakthrough with one of his older blind students, and the boy's widowed father--who always dreamed of sharing his passion for farming with Tom--is too disappointed and ashamed to help his unmotivated son. Fortunately, the Warriors' need for a tall, muscular quarterback sparks a wonderful opportunity for Mary and Adam to fuel Tom with a sense of self-worth. When making pennants, Laura and Andy unknowingly give Albert an idea to trick dumb Luke. Albert tells Luke that the game was moved to a far away location. The game starts without dumb Luke and the game is close. As the last play approaches, Luke comes, back from the empty field 2 hours away. He threatens Albert and Mr. Garvey comes up with a throw Albert play. They get the touchdown and win. The ruling after some complaints was touchdown. Tom and his father are happy and Harriet is upset. The episode ends with an over voice saying the t the first forward human pass was that day.
    The look on the Olson's face as Albert flies is pure comedy. Nels is happy and Nellie and Harriet are sad. Willie being the only one on the bench is funny too.