Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 5

There's No Place Like Home (1)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 09, 1978 on NBC

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  • A sweet old man who is a friend of Albert's win's 5, 000 in the lottery and the Ingalls family must return to Walnut Grove but Charles refuses to leave Mary behind in Winoka.

    The big lottery carries a huge five thousand dollar prize and an old, down-on-his-luck friend of Albert's named Toby Noe wins it. Mr. Standish is more than willing to part him from it in his saloon and gambling hall as drinking and gambling are Toby's favourite things. When the old man begins to lose most of his capital, Jonathan tries to intercede and ends up being fired. The Ingalls family wish to return to Walnut Grove but leaving Mary behind is too much for Charles so what will they do? Finally, the decision is made that back to the country they must go. Albert is devastated at the thought of losing them but will not show it. A young man has his pride.
  • Part 1 (60 minutes) Charles decides to move his family back to Walnut Grove

    Part1: (60 minutes)
    In the first episode of a two-part story, Charles Ingalls refuses to withstand any more humiliation from his new employer Standish (Leon Charles) after the hateful man cheats a heavy-drinking oldster (Ray Bolger) out of a lottery prize.
    The Ingall’s, Olesons, and Garveys decide they have had enough of the city life and decide to leave Winoka to return to Walnut Grove. The Ingall’s family ask Albert if he would like to come with them.
    They get home and discover a town that is badly in need of repair. With a lot of hard work, they're able to get the town back to its old self.