Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 6

There's No Place Like Home (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 16, 1978 on NBC

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  • Walnut Grove is calling the Ingalls family back home and they are taking Albert with them.

    The Ingalls family are preparing to return to Walnut Grove without Mary but they will be taking Albert with them instead. The Olesons and the Garveys will be returning also and Harriet is delighted that they will be doing so with a ton of money that a drunken Nels won while gambling!

    The sad sight which greets them is a Walnut Grove that is like a ghost town. Doctor Baker is still there though, nursing a dying Lars Hansen, town founder and owner of the mill. Mr. Hansen suffered a stroke some months previously and no longer wishes to live but as people return to the town, he sees his beloved community breathing life anew. Karl Swenson, who played Mr. Hansen died just after the episode was filmed and it was dedicated to him. It was written into the scripts that Mr. Hansen also passed away. A very moving and strong episode indeed.
  • The Ingall's arrive back in Walnut Grove to find a desserted run down town.

    Part 2 (90minutes):
    The Ingalls, Olesons, and Garveys, disillusioned with life in the "big city" of Winoka, have packed up and returned to Walnut Grove. On their arrival home they find the community has fallen into an appalling state of disrepair in their absence. And the town founder Lars Hanson in failing health, having suffered a massive heart attack. He has become disillusioned and has given up on life.
    With nowhere else to go, the returning families set about the task of rebuilding their beloved home town and community spirit. This episode marks the final series appearance of Lars Hanson.
    In the closing narration, Laura tells us Hanson dies a happy man, having seen his beloved town revitalized. It was a sad comment of life imitating art: Shortly before this episode aired, Karl Swenson (who was in failing health) died of a heart attack; he was 70.