Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 2

Times are Changing (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 04, 1982 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Jenny: (wakes up in bed) How did I get here?
      Laura: Jeb found your note. He saved your life.
      Jenny: Why didn't he let me die? It's what I wanted!
      Laura: What you wanted?? Well, maybe it's about time you started thinking of someone else besides yourself.
      Jenny: I want to be with them (meaning her parents) I love them.
      Laura: If you love them like you say you do, then you would never do anything like this, to hurt them like this! Jenny, your parents loved you more than anything else in the world. They wanted you to have everything. Everything! Your own family, children......their grandchildren! But because of your self-pity, you'll deny them everything?
      Jenny: That's not true!
      Laura: Yes it is! You talk about God and love? God put you on this Earth for a reason, just like all of us! You're strong and healthy, and you should get down on your knees and thank the Lord for what you've got! But instead, you just throw it all away, and you nearly cost an innocent boy to lose his life.
      Jenny: What?
      Laura: Yes! Jeb Carter nearly drowned trying to save you! His father told me he couldn't swim a stroke, yet he jumped into that water, and he somehow got you out! (pauses) Now, I don't want to hear any more about what you want. You start thinking about what your parents would want for you--if you love them like you say you do.