Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 7

To Run And Hide

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 31, 1977 on NBC

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  • Doc baker takes a man's word that he's fine after falling from the roof, when called later he is unable to save him and decides to retire because of it. Then a new doctor takes over who is complete different from the old one. And not in a better way.

    Hear is one of are regular characters stories for a change, this one revolves around doc baker. on a routine visit to see one of his patients mrs beth novac she informs doc baker her husband Stanley has just fallen off a roof ,Stanley tells doc that he feels ok and no need to look him over but to check on his wife whose seven months pregnant. , beth is worried as she has lost two babies already. Later that evening Stanley complains of feeling unwell and collapses ,beth runs to the ingles to tell them to get doc baker, Charles goes and Caroline tells beth to stay at there place and shell go to stay with her husband. when doc baker arrives he realises Stanley is worse than he thought , and before he can do any thing Stanley dies.doc baker leaves in shock feeling It's his felt .some days later Charles visits the doc on behalf of beth who was wondering why he had not gone to see her or attended the funeral. The doc informs Charles he's been to busy and feels being a doctor does not pay and has decided to retire and take up farming and that a new doctor a doctor Logan will be taking over. What follows is how the townsfolk take to the new doctor and how doc baker takes to farming, is this the last time we see doc baker or will something happen to bring him back you'll just have to watch and see. Kevin hagan gives a fine performance before the event happy and caring and after of a broken man trying to get by in field he does not belong. As always a good family story told in the only the way the little house on the prairie could tell it's .Not as in-depth as the other review which is more thoughtful and thought out than mine but I just wanted to write one as I like doc baker as a character and I have only just watched this after many years.