Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 7

To Run And Hide

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 31, 1977 on NBC

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  • A great episode, which showcases the importance of Kevin Hagen's "Doc Baker" to the fabric of the show.

    Mrs. Novak is expecting a baby and so far so good, in spite of two previous, heartbreaking miscarriages. Her husband, Stanley, is as delighted as she is but things turn sour and then tragic very quickly as Stanley takes a fall from the roof of their house and Dr. Baker can find no serious injury. Within 24 hours, Beth Novak is a widow as Stanley dies from internal injuries. A devastated Dr. Baker cannot cope with what he sees as his own part in the tragedy and gives up his practice to a newcomer from the city.

    Dr. Logan is young, conceited and a most unlikely country practitioner. He won't work out of hours and is almost impossible to find when needed. Meanwhile, Doc Baker sets himself up as a farmer and finds that he is definitely NOT suited to life on the land but in spite of people entreating him to do so, he will not return to his practice as his guilt is weighing him down too heavily.

    When Beth Novak goes into labour and things begin to get complicated, she begs someone to bring Doc Baker to her. After a LOT of convincing, he goes to her farm and helps in the successful delivery of her son, making him realise that medicine, and not farming, is his true calling.

    I always really liked the character of Doc Baker and Kevin Hagen played him superbly. Unfortunately, there were too many episodes when we didn't see enough of this fine actor so this was a special treat.