Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 11

To See The Light (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 08, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Mary put an emotional plea forward to the professor it was very weak. If she had said that due to circumstances beyond Adam's control, such as the mugging and his illness he was unable to attend then that would have been a better case.

    • Matthew Laborteaux (Albert) has only one line in this episode which is "Halelujah!"

    • In the final scene, Harriet mentions to her cousin, Miriam, that they will be having Waldorf Salad for lunch. This seems unlikely, as Waldorf Salad wasn't invented until 1893.

  • Quotes

    • Mary: My husband is Adam Kendall.
      Professor Mayfield: Adam. The name is familiar.
      Mary: Yes. He was taking the exam this past week.
      Professor Mayfield: Oh, yes, yes, he was unable to complete it.
      Mary: That really wasn't his fault.
      Professor Mayfield: Yes, I understand that. It was most unfortunate.
      Mary: I wanted to know if there's any way he could complete the test. It means so much to him.
      Professor Mayfield: I'm sorry, Mrs. Kendall, I wish there was a way, but we can't alter the rules, no matter what the circumstances.
      Mary: Why not?
      Professor Mayfield: Pardon me?
      Mary: Why can't they be altered? I mean, this is a school of law, isn't it? If you have a bad law, the court changes it, doesn't it?
      Professor Mayfield: Yes, the court does have that power.
      Mary: Then if you have a bad rule, I think it should be changed.
      Professor Mayfield: I don't believe it is a bad rule. It is a necessary one.
      Mary: It's a bad rule when it has no compassion or concern for the individual.
      Professor Mayfield: Mrs. Kendall--
      Mary: My husband's gone through a lot in his lifetime. He was blinded in an accident when he was a boy. He lost his child in a fire. With all that, he's devoted his life to helping others, to teaching. Now, when it seems like something wonderful's going to happen, you turn against him with some rule! Now, you might think it's necessary, but I happen to think it's cruel!

    • Caroline: (while Laura is teaching) Laura, he's done it! Adam's going to college!
      Albert: Hallelujah!
      Laura: Oh, Ma!
      Caroline: They'll be here on Friday!
      Laura: We've got to have a celebration. Class dismissed!
      Willie: Hallelujah!

    • Adam: Sorry I'm late.
      Mary: Well, that's all right. How did it go? How did you do?
      Adam: I know how I did. That's why I'm late. I stayed while the professor graded my exam.
      Mary: And?
      Adam: (glumly) And I did not make the top 3 percent.
      Mary: Oh.......well, that's all right. You'll just have to study harder and take the test again next year.
      Charles: That's right.
      Adam: There's not gonna be a next year. (smiles) I made the top 1 percent!
      Mary: Oh, Adam Kendall, I'm gonna kill you! (hugs him)

  • Notes

    • In the scene where the head of the law school is giving the class final instructions before the bar exam, the viewer can clearly see a thick black electrical cable running across the soundstage floor behind his desk. The camera cuts to Adam, and when the camera then cuts back to the instructor, the cable is gone.

    • Larry Germain was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for both parts of this episode in 1981.
      Reply: This is funny, because Melissa Sue Anderson admitted that she had to wear a wig in this episode due to a "bad haircut" that she got before filming.

    • As this story centres around Adam, Linwood Boomer was credited as a guest.

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