Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 7

Town Party, Country Party

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 30, 1974 on NBC

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  • Great episode!

    Another Landon classic. As the show opens the school girls are seen running and playing in front of the schoolhouse, while Olga, a new Swedish girl in town, is left out because she is \"crippled\"(by today\'s standards she just had one leg that was a little shorter than the other). She can walk-with a limp-but can\'t join in on the chasing games. Olga lives with her father and grandmother, and, because of the death of Olga\'s mother and her cripple, her father is anxious to shelter her from the possible rejection of the other kids, even tho the grandmother thinks it was a good idea to send Olga to school to be with the other girls her age.

    The girls of the Walnut Grove school are invited to a party for snotty Nelly-the curly haired rich bratty girl who\'s parents own Olson Mercantile. Laura bathes in a metal tub outside and Ma gets out their best dresses. Mary worries about what they should take for a present, but Ma says some wildflowers from outback will make a fine gift. A funny scene in when Laura is done with her bath, and Carrie decides to get in the metal, soapy tub-clothes and all-along with dog Jack. The Ingalls parents laugh from the door.

    Mary and Laura are off to the party ,and present the wildflowers to Nelly, along with their friend, Cassie, who has sewn a ragdoll. \"You get to name her yourself\", says Cassie proudly. But Nellie, being the usual thankless brat, slings all the presents against the couch and goes back to playing with a fancy Noah\'s Arc set on the floor. Mary tries to console Cassie by saying Nellie really did like the present, she was just caught up in the excitement of the day. To make matters worse, Nellie brings out a frilly China doll that was another birthday present, saying Laura can\'t touch, and Nellie shoves Laura when she accidentally tears some lace on the doll\'s dress. Mrs. Olson is less than pleased, and sends the kids to play outside. Laura has twisted her ankle from Nellie\'s push, so , understanding what\'s it\'s like to walk with a limp now,she befriends Olga. Laura and Mary decide to have a party of their own at the Ingall\'s house, and invite her new friend Olga. Of course, they have to invite that old Nellie because, \"it\'s the polite thing to do\". Nellie shows up, but rudely refers to it as a \"country party\" instead of a city one. Meanwhile, Pa has been trying to convince Olga\'s father to let him try to make a lift for Olga\'s shoe so she can walk straight. Olga\'s dad is not open to the idea, but the grandmother wants Charles to try in secret without the knowledge of her \"fool for a son\". So Charles has made a wooden lift to attach under the shoe, and now Olga can walk! Laura and Mary can\'t wait to show off the new Olga at the party when they choose sides for a softball game. Everyone, including Olga, is having a great time, until Nellie manipulates the fun by suggesting wading in the creek barefoot-something Olga can\'t do. The other girls go wading, but Laura is fed up, and pushes Nellie near a crawdaddy in the creek.

    Olga\'s dad has found out about the new shoe, and is so angry he comes over to wrestle Charles down to the barn floor. But his mood soon changes when he sees Olga-for the first time in her life-fitting in with the other girls and having a great time yelling and playing. He admits to really being a fool about the situation-but Charles assures him it\'s all in the past.