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  • Season 9 Episode 22: Hello and Goodbye

  • Mr. Montague tells Doc Baker that he trained at the Mayo Clinic. This would seem unlikely, since the Mayo Clinic didn't open its doors until 1890. Even if the viewer believes that Mr. Montague (who is approximately in his 40's) just completed his medical training, which is unlikely as it is, he couldn't have trained at Mayo, if this episode takes place in the late 1880's.

  • Although Mr. Edwards adopted Matthew fairly early in the season, the young actor was used very sparingly, appearing only in 4 episodes: the 2-parter The Wild Boy, Part 1 of Home Again, and now this episode. Many times during the season, you would have never been able to tell that Mr. Edwards had a child unless you were a regular viewer.

  • Viewers will be as baffled as Laura and Almanzo when they see how Mr. Montague miraculously causes baby Rose to stop crying on demand. She literally goes from screaming to being completely calm within one second, and in one single shot, which seems virtually impossible, but it was somehow captured on film.

  • Season 9 Episode 21: May I Have This Dance?

  • Willie tells Rachel that he kissed a girl named Amy Horn when he was six years old. That would have been around Season 1, which is when someone by a very similar name lived in Walnut Grove--Amy Hearn.

  • Willie's age is never confirmed, but couldn't have been older than 5 or 6 in Season 1's Country Girls, which would make him 14 or 15 now. This means that he is the youngest person on the show to ever get married. Mary was 16 whe she married Adam, and Laura and Nellie were both about 17 on their respective wedding days.

  • After Willie asks Rachel's father for permission to marry her, Mr. Brown says, "I guess you better start calling me Dad," and Willie responds, "Okay, Dad"-- although in the 1800s, Dad was not a common term. It was always Father or Pa. And, later, when Willie has his heart-to-heart talk with Nels in the storeroom, he calls him both Pa and Dad at different times throughout the scene. When confronting Harriet about her attitude, he refers to Nels as Father. It seems the writers couldn't make up their minds!

  • Season 9 Episode 19: The Last Summer

  • When Ruthy arrives at the mercantile on a horse, Mrs. Oleson is disgusted at the lack of decorum shown by a woman of that age. While it is not out of character for Harriet to offer her bold opinion on "The Way Things Ought To Be," she normally falls all over herself to accommodate the wealthy, despite any eccentricities they might have. Therefore, it is unusual for her to be critical of a well-to-do person such as Ruthy, who had the potential to bring a lot of business to the mercantile.

  • Ruthy has been away long enough that she does not know that Laura is now married and has a baby. Surely, then, she would also not know that the Ingalls family has moved away. Yet, when Laura tells her that the Carters live in her old home, Ruthy does not question where the Ingalls went.

  • While some may question the fact that school was in session during the summer in this episode, it should be noted that school terms ran differently in farming communities back in the 1800's. In reading a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, one learns that there was indeed a summer term that ended just before the harvest, and a fall term that began when the harvest was over (sometime in October).

  • Season 9 Episode 19: For The Love Of Blanche

  • According to Almanzo early in the episode, Mr. Edwards' adopted son Matthew went with John Carter on a trip to Minneapolis. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What reason would a grown man have to take a mute 10-year-old child on a trip with him, especially when he has school? We can assume that Matthew probably stayed with the Carter family while Mr. Edwards was away at the beginning of the episode, but that still doesn't explain why John would take the child with him on a business trip. It's just plain odd.

  • This is the second time in the same season that the twin girls playing baby Rose are emotionally distressed in front of the camera, for the sake of getting footage for certain scenes. This was also done in Season 9's A Child With No Name, when Rose's character was ill. Young Grace Ingalls was also seen crying uncontrollably in previous seasons, which is all very disturbing to watch.

  • Jenny tells Jeb and Jason that if it weren't for Blanche calling out during the fire, baby Rose would have been killed. However, while watching the fire scene, it's clear as day that Rose's screaming was what got Jenny's attention.

  • It's pretty unlikely that the fire at the Wilder home didn't spread more quickly than it did by the time Jenny finally came running in. She was paralyzed with fear and shock for several seconds before she went to put the fire out, and in that time, realistically, the whole house could have easily been up in flames.

  • After Jenny puts out the fire, the shot of the table from Jenny's front doesn't look like it had been burned. In the next shot from Jenny's back, you can tell the tablecloth is burned more than from the other angle. Also, you would think that as big as the fire was, it would have burned a lot more than just a small piece of the tablecloth.

  • In the scene where Mr. Edwards is talking to Almanzo outside of the mercantile, Almanzo's hair is brushed neatly over to the right side for the whole conversation. When Edwards steps of the mercantile porch and Almanzo turns toward his direction, his hair is covering his forehead and messy, but there was no sign of any wind blowing to make it that way.

  • While I don't mind Eddie Quillan as a character actor persay {he is funny}, I do take offense to him being portrayed as 3 differing characters throughout the Little House series. Couldn't Michael Landon {or whoever was responsible} cast someone else so it was less distracting to the plot? Eddie played all three characters as a sarcastic, crotchety old geezer. I seriously doubt Buffalo Bill was like that. Besides, he toured Europe throughout 1889 {supposedly when this episode took place, if you follow the timeline}.

  • Goof/Nitpick: When the sheriff goes to shoot Blanche and cries out she ran off up a tree, with him only firing one shot... he had many other bullets and Blanche was on the ground and a small orangutan is not believed to move so quickly. So this is actually unlikely. But this point like her coming from Africa, pulls away from the good storyline, so consider it nitpicking.

  • Goof: Blanche is an orangutan. Buffalo Bill says he stayed in Africa for 40 years before moving back to the United States. But orangutans come from Borneo and Samutra... Pongo: Pygmaeus (Borneoan Orangutan)
    Pongo abelii (Sumatran Orangutan)
    Therefore a very unlikely scenario for an orangutan being in Africa, more so in the 1880's! And why didn't they use a chimpanzee?

  • Season 9 Episode 18: A Child With No Name

  • There is a significant time jump between this episode and the previous one. The announcement of Laura's pregnancy, the following nine months, and the birth of her and Almanzo's baby boy are all crammed into the first few seconds of the episode.

  • When Doc Baker goes to catch the stagecoach at the end of the episode, he soon sees all the citizens of Walnut Grove walking out of the Church. However, when he and the stage driver are looking around at the "ghost town," the camera pans to the church/school, and there are no buggies or horses outside whatsoever. Are we expected to believe that all those people walked into town?

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