Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 1976 on NBC

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  • Seems like Walnut Grove's new teacher has a serious anger management issue.

    When sweet Miss Beadle can't handle the flood of testosterone that's invaded her schoolroom when the older boys return from harvest, the school board votes to oust her in favor of a male who can get the job done. Little do they realize that their new hire has a serious anger management problem, which manifests itself in an outpouring of rage on unsuspecting and unoffending Half Pint. Harriet meddles in the mix and escalates the already unfortunate series of events by putting the idea in Mr. Applewood's – the new teacher – head that Laura used to be the teacher's pet.

    An episode that stands out in my mind from the time I was a kid, this season two treat is Little House at its best, with the Olson and Ingalls kids getting into it physically, tension when the scary new teacher arrives, and hilarity when Applewood fails to incite fear into the older boys.