Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • There's a scene in this episode where Mr. Applewood has Laura go up to him after she receives a note that was passed to her and Applewood has her stand in front of him,and then he smacks her hand with the ruler. He tells her that for passing notes AND being tardy,that she would have to stay after school. The thing is, is that she was NOT tardy. She went in right in after she said good morning to him and she sat right down at her desk. So I would NOT call that being tardy.

    • The actor who plays Herman also plays Etta Plum's fiance in the Season 10 movie Look Back to Yesterday.

    • It is interesting to note that despite her troubles with Mr. Applewood, Laura laughs freely and uproariously along with the rest of the class when he is mocked by Herman, and she laughs again later when his bag is ruined with ink. You'd think she would keep her mouth shut to avoid incurring his wrath further.

    • Early in the episode, Miss Beadle tells Charles that Laura needs to work a little harder on her fractions. However, on a progress report from Miss Beadle at the end, it says that Laura has shown "exceptional effort" with her mathematics. It is heavily implied that this report was written before Miss Beadle got fired, so this seems very contradictory. "Exceptional effort" means that there is very little need for improvement, and yet earlier in the episode, Miss Beadle claimed that Laura needed to try harder.

    • In this episode, Mary gets right in Nellie's face and threatens to slap her. Needless to say, sweet little Mary didn't lose her cool like this too often, so it's really something to see!

    • When Nellie is tormenting Laura, Mary says to her, "You say that again, and I'll slap your face!" Laura said the exact same line to Christy Kennedy in Season 1's The Voice of Tinker Jones, when the two girls were arguing about their fathers.

    • When Laura is walking home from school after being expelled, notice how thick and foggy the sky is. It wasn't that way when the children were playing outside a few scenes earlier. You can tell that this little scene with Laura and Pa was probably shot very early in the morning.

    • When Charles shows Mr. Applewood a progress report that Miss Beadle filled out about Laura, Mr. Applewood dismisses the positive remarks on it, claiming that Miss Beadle only wrote them so she could get her job back. But if she did that progress report before Mr. Applewood even started teaching, how is that possible?

  • Quotes

    • Nellie: It's all Laura Ingalls' fault.
      Mary: You say that again, and I'll slap your face!
      Nellie: If you try, then I'll pull your hair out by the roots!

    • Mr. Applewood: (after whipping Herman) That'll teach you to be late for school.
      Herman: It taught me that you can't hit hard enough to tickle.

    • Mr. Applewood: (when Charles shows up while he is preparing to whip Laura) Mr. Ingalls, what brings you here?
      Charles: My daughter forgot her homework. Mary, Laura, I want you to go home.
      Mr. Applewood: You caught me at an awkward time. I was in the middle of a little classroom problem.
      Charles: I heard your little "problem" all the way down the street.

    • Mr. Applewood: Mr. Ingalls, I will not have you disrupting me while I am teaching. If you want to see me, I'll be here after school.
      Charles: Oh, I'll be here, Mr. Applewood, and so will the school board.
      Mr. Applewood: Yeah. Every parent who has a problem child wants to call an immediate meeting of the school board!
      Charles: Mr. Applewood, I think the teacher is the problem.
      Mr. Applewood: How dare you-- (Charles grabs him and slams him against the door, then stops)
      Charles: You owe my wife a thank-you. She asked me to be nice to you.

    • Charles: (about Laura, during school board meeting) Mr. Applewood, why is my daughter failing?
      Mr. Applewood: Mr. Ingalls, I hardly think this is the time or place to go into your daughter's grades.
      Charles: But there must be a reason.
      Mr. Applewood: Yes. Some children just do not do as well as others.
      Charles: I have a portfolio here from Ms. Beadle with some papers and a progress report on my daughter. Would you look at it, please?
      Mr. Applewood: I see no need. I'm only concerned with how your daughter has done since I've been her teacher.
      Charles: Well, so am I, Mr. Applewood, very concerned, because I'm just trying to figure out how my little girl could go from above average grades to failure.

  • Notes

    • Filming Locations: Filmed at Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley and Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.

    • Richard Basehart, who guest starred as Mr. Applewood in this episode, was known on TV for being the Admiral in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and best known for his future narration on Knight Rider, in 1982.

    • This is one of Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle)'s favorite episodes, although she has said that it's tough for her to pick just one favorite.

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