Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 10

Wave of the Future

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 07, 1981 on NBC

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  • Harriet turns Nellie's (Caroline's, actually) into Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen, a chain restaurant that serves only 3 choices of entree. Hilarity ensues.

    In many ways this is a very silly episode and hardly worth a second glance, however there are some funny moments that deserve mentioning.
    First of all, the notion of a restaurant in Walnut Grove was enough of a stretch, but to turn it into a popular franchise is more than ridiculous.Then we have Harriet, who is normally a very astute business woman, signing a contract which she clearly has not read very closely. Suddenly, she and Nels are responsible for purchasing new furniture and equiptment! It seems odd to me that Harriet would be so careless. Perhaps she overlooked a few things because she was just so darned excited about being in 'Mrs. Sullivan's Army'. When the 'new' restaurant opens, it does so to a packed house, which one could possibly explain away because folks were curious about it. But why does it stay so busy? Are there that many people in Walnut Grove with money to burn and no cooking skills? In previous episodes there are rarely more than 2 or 3 tables full at one time.
    There are some funny scenes at the Ingalls' house where Charles is trying to produce inedible meals for the family so that he won't have to cook anymore. His plan backfires as the kids know what he's up to, and they don't want to cook either!
    Poor Harriet, it is sort of fun to watch as she grows more and more flustered while she struggles to keep the restaurant afloat. Finally, Charles and Nels put a stop to it all and everything comes out alright in the end. By the way, when Nels and Charles open up 'Oleson's Restaurant' we get a little foreshadowing when we see Willie waiting tables. A year or so later he expresses a desire to stay in Walnut Grove and run the restaurant. I am not even going to address the final scene except to did they get the windows painted again so quickly? And to look exactly as they had before? Hmmm...
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