Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 18

What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56?

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 1980 on NBC

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  • Nice to see Charles and Caroline as not "Ma and Pa"

    Not the best show, predictable as stated, but one nice aspect was seeing Charles and Caroline laughing and hugging in and out of bed and acting like a married couple, not just parents of 4 children. It showed another side of them, although making everyone so unlikable wasn't needed, just a few would have been sufficient, it got the point across, money really doesn't buy happiness.
  • Charles and Caroline decide to attend their 25th school reunion but are disappointed with what they find.

    It is 25 years since Charles and Caroline left school and they are both very excited about the fact that they are to attend their reunion. Funnily enough, the location is exactly the same as where a farmers' convention is being held that Charles wishes to look in on so plans are made and off they go.

    Both of them are saddened by what they see at the reunion, and even more so by what they hear as former classmates fall all over themselves to see who can pretend to have achieved the most in the last quarter of a century. Naturally, they are almost all lying and that saddens the Ingalls as they feel their achievements of a home, a family, crops and animals can stand up to any of the others.

    I was very bored by this episode. It was predictable right from the outset and I never like it when any episode of a good show is so easily figured out barely before it has begun. Ah well, better luck with the next one!
  • Charles and Caroline travel back home for their 25th high school reunion (and a Grange convention), and find that everyone is not what they appear to be.

    Charles is invited to attend a Grange convention, and conveniently it's at the same time and in the same town as his and Caroline's 25th high school reunion. They're excited to see old class mates, although they're somewhat intimidated by the fact that most everyone in attendance seems to be more successful than they are. Many of the classmates, however, prove to be unhappy, lonely, abused, neglected, bored, and not at all wealthy, but merely putting on airs. Charles and Caroline leave believing that hiding the truth doesn't make anyone happy, and that raising a wonderful family is success enough. This episode rings true many of us have been to a reunion where an attendee or two didn't brag about his/her imagined happiness, wealth, or success?

    One thing about this episode...the attendees of a 25th high school reunion in the 1870's would have been about 40 years old. Some of the actors hired for the reunion scenes are easily 50+!