Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 18

What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56?

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: The graduates in the "Class of '56", twenty-five years later, would have been about forty years old. Many of the actors hired to play the alumnus in this episode appear to be between 50 and 60 years old--impossible, unless they went to school until they were in their mid 20's or 30's!

    • It is surprising that Charles would want to represent Walnut Grove at the Grange convention again after his experience in Season 3's Times of Change. He seemed thoroughly disgusted with the corruption and vice he witnessed there, and because Charles is a man of principle, it's surprising that he went back.

    • Nitpick: Charles and Caroline supposedly graduated from school. However, Laura mentions in Back to School, Part 2 that Charles dropped out of school at age 12 to be the "man of the house" and help support the family.

    • The fountain in the Milwaukee scenes is the very same fountain used in Season 4's Times of Change, when Charles and Mary go to Chicago. You also see it in Season 9's Marvin's Gardens, when Almanzo and Laura take their niece Jenny for specialized treatment after an accident.

  • Quotes

    • Caroline: It's just so exciting. I wonder if Dillan has changed much.
      Charles: I doubt it. He's probably just as big of a pain in the butt as he ever was.

    • Caroline: I wonder what I should wear.
      Charles: Oh, I don't think you need to wear anything.
      Caroline: What?
      Charles: Well, it says right there on the bottom of the invitation: "Dress optional."
      Caroline: Charles!

    • Caroline: (after Dillon was trying to flirt with her) Charles was right, Dillon, you are a pain in the butt.

    • Charles: (about their children running out to greet them) I want to tell you, if that's not successful, I don't know what is.

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