Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 15

Whisper Country

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 16, 1978 on NBC

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  • Mary's first teaching job is straight from hell when she begins her career in a backwards community where supersticion seems to be favored over education and reason.

    I cannot dismiss "Whisper County" as merely silly or over-the-top (which I certainly found it at times) because it contains the sort of issues that actually exist: the idea of eschewing learning just because the elders are insecure with their own ignorance. Interesting note: having just read a bit of trivia here regarding Melissa Sue Anderson's feeling that the last scene where she goes off on Miss Peel is a bit too much, it appears that she really invested herself in her role, unlike other actors, who just seem to show up for work and go through the motions. I respect the fact that she is thoughful and honest enough to judge the episode on its true merits.