Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 22

Wilder And Wilder

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 11, 1980 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode sees the arrival of Perley Wilder, younger brother of Almanzo and Miss Wilder. Perley appears to be the trouble maker of the family, and continues his troublesome ways in Walnut Grove.
During this episode Charles shows his annoyance with Laura's constant talk about Almanzo.
Almanzo is trying to break Barnum (his horse) in, without much luck. Laura tries to help, but Almanzo pushes her away, saying she is a child and breaking in a horse is man's business. When Almanzo leaves Laura, she jumps into the buggy and tries her luck with Barnum. Almanzo, fearing for Laura's safety, chases after Laura and the horse, but to his dismay Laura had total control of Barnum.
Perley takes Laura for a ride. Along the way he meets Doc Baker. He makes a bet with Doc Baker that his horse will win. Doc Baker accepts the challenge. Perley pulls back on Barnum making him lose the race. Perley sets up Doc Baker to lose money during the race on the weekend. Laura looks on in bewilderment.
Perley had been secretly running Barnum. During one of the runs, the horse pulls up with a sore leg. Perley puts the horse back without telling anyone. Almanzo finds out and has a few harsh words with Perley.
Meanwhile, Charles feels Perley is a better match for Laura and tries his hand at setting the two up.
At the picnic, the arm wrestling contest comes down to Charles and Almanzo. This contest looks like it might go on for a long time, until Almanzo sees Perley is going to race the already injured Barnum. Almanzo jumps up and leaves Charles sitting at the arm wrestling table.
Almanzo finds Perley and Barnum. Almanzo punches Perley and tells him that he wants him to leave. Laura and Charles catch up to Almanzo. They decide to take Barnum to the Ingallses place because its closer. Through out the night, Charles begins to see Almanzo in a different light, and Almanzo begins to see Laura in a different light.
Elsewhere during this episode, there is a new girl in school. Her name is Penelope. She causes some conflict amongst the boys. Albert likes Penelope but she likes Andy. During the picnic when Albert wins the pig chasing contest, Penelope tells him he is disgusting and she doesn't want the pig. Andy tells her a few truths about being stuck up. She slaps his face and he shoves the watermelon that he had in her mouth! Hilarious!
Look out for Charles and his training for the arm wrestling.