Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 22

Wilder And Wilder

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 11, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Perley Day says to Laura after racing Doc Baker with Almanzo's horse, Barnum, that "there's one born every minute." The phrase "there's a sucker born every minute" is generally but perhaps mistakenly attributed to the showman P.T. Barnum; however, it is unlikely that this phrase would have been quoted by Perley or anyone else during that time, as it never appeared in print-- the only form of mass media at the time Little House took place--until 1898.

    • In the scene where Almanzo and Charles are arm-wrestling, every time there are close-up shots of Almanzo, you can see his hand shaking furiously, but when the camera cuts to Charles, Almanzo's hand is completely still.

    • Notice that when Penelope slaps Andy Garvey in the face and says, "And how do you like that?" it is taking everything within her to keep a straight face, and though she succeeds, you can tell she's fighting it. Then, when Andy throws the watermelon in her face, you can see Penelope laughing when she is supposed to be angry.

    • Watch for an unintentionally hilarious moment near the end of the episode, when Almanzo punches Perley Day and knocks him down. There is a very loud (and obviously fake) punching sound, and Perley Day just kind of falls slowly and gracefully to the ground. If Almanzo really did hit him that hard, there's no way he would have gone down at such a slow speed. Also, Perley Day would have had to be bleeding, which he clearly wasn't. More effective rehearsing would have at least ensured that the actual fall looked realistic.

    • Editing/Writing Goof: When Perley Day shows up at the house, Almanzo asks him, "Have you seen the folks?" Perley replies that yes, he just came from Spring Valley, and they're fine. But about fifteen seconds later, after Eliza rushes out to greet him, Perley tells her that he just came from Springfield.
      Reply: It's not necessarily a goof; we know Springfield is the nearest train stop, so maybe Perley Day took a train from Spring Valley to Springfield, then walked to Walnut Grove.

    • Goof: There is a scene in which Almanzo is hitching up his horse outside him home. You can clearly see his shadow along the ground (which is fine) but then his shadow climbs up a backdrop (which is painted to look like a tree on a hillside).

  • Quotes

    • Almanzo: (when Laura gets the horse to walk) What in the world did you do?
      Laura: Well, you're going about it the wrong way, Manly. What Barnum needs is a gentle touch, a woman's hand. I just let him carry the bit real easy.
      Almanzo: Well, Jerusalem crickets, Beth! You must be right. You got him to do what I've been trying to do since I had him. You got him to walk!

    • Almanzo: (about the horse) You could have crippled him. Maybe you have!
      Perley Day: I bet Doc Baker twenty dollars on that race!
      Almanzo: (pauses, punches him in the face) You're never gonna change! You've done the same all your life--do what you want, no matter what the consequences to other people! When you ran away from home, you broke Ma's heart. Then you show up every now and then when you need a few dollars. Then you disappear again for months, years, without a word! Well, that's not gonna happen here. I want you out, today!

    • Laura (overvoice): I don't know if my dream will ever come true about Almanzo and me, but I do know that right now, the two men I love best in the whole wide world are having breakfast.....that I cooked for them!

    • Laura: I'm not a baby who needs her sleep. I'm gonna stay up and help you.
      Charles: All right, keep the hot coffee coming.
      Laura: I will. (she leaves)
      Almanzo: That certainly is quite a grown-up young lady you have there.
      Charles: Eh, not so grown-up.

    • Charles: (about the wrestling match) tell you the truth, if you hadn't run off when you did, I'd have quit.
      Almanzo: To tell you the truth, Mr. Ingalls, so would I.
      Charles: (scoffs) Go on, you can wash up in the kitchen.
      Almanzo: Yes, sir. (leaves)
      Charles: (to Caroline) What?
      Caroline: (about Laura) Well, you gotta admit, she picked a better man than you did for her.
      Charles: What bothers me the most about that young man is that he's such a liar.
      Caroline: Charles!
      Charles: Well, it's true. He could have beaten me anytime he wanted, and he knows it. Boy, it's tough getting old.

    • Charles: Yeah, that's very funny. You could have ripped my arm off!
      Caroline: Well, it's no funnier than a grown man talking to himself while he's wrestling with a sack!

    • Nellie: I hope everything was all right.
      Perley Day: Delicious. I never knew that such lovely hands could cook!
      Nellie: (looks bewildered) Neither did I!

    • Laura: Can I ride with you?
      Almanzo: Well....I'm afraid not. I think it's a little bit too dangerous for a little girl.
      Laura: Well, that's three things you're wrong about. One, it's not too dangerous. Two, I'm a woman. Three, I'm not a little girl.
      Almanzo: Well, I'd say I'm right about all three. And that just goes to prove that women should stay in the kitchen and leave men to do the horse training.

  • Notes

    • This episode is partially taken from the book "These Happy Golden Years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura did get Barnum to walk. In the book, however, Perley isn't around and Almanzo agreed to let Laura drive the horse, just giving her a caution.

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