Little Men

Ion Television (ended 1999)


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Little Men

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Following on from the Little Women novel is Little Men. Jo's husband has died leaving her with a property and in need to making some money. She decides to take in orphans and town children to teach them. Her nephew Franz, a teacher in training is also there to lend support as the children cause more than a few problems. Dan, one of the older boys, has fallen for Bess, niece of Jo while Nat is falling for the tom-boy Nan. When Nick arrives though needing work, sparks fly between him and Jo.
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  • PAX TV should bring this back!

    PAX TV should bring this back! This was a great family friendly show that should still be on the air or, at least be allowed to finish. I mean at least a made for TV movie to tie up all the loose ends.

    Great casting! Michelle Rene Thomas is an excellent actress and Spencer Rochfort is such a hottie! Spencer of course is also a fine actor. The kids were very good. Especially Trevor Blumas as Nat and Brittney Irvin as Nan.

    I wish there were more of this on DVD. They need to put out the rest of the episodes so that I can complete my collection.

    PAX TV, bring this back, pretty please!!moreless
  • Great Show.

    This show was a really good one. At times it could be a bit corny but in a good way. It is a great show to just pop in whenever you are down and watch because it makes you happy right away. While it would of been nice if everything was not solved at hour's end yet it was understandable since it was on pax and unfortunately the cancellation ax hovered overhead. I would suggest any one to watch this show it is very hard not to like it. The acting is great, storylines cute and while it strays a little from the novel of the same name it does so in an intresting way.moreless

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